How to Collect Data with Cellebrite Digital Collector

How to Collect Data with Cellebrite Digital Collector The field of computer and digital forensics is growing rapidly with legal entities and law enforcement agencies understanding the importance of hardware technology in corporate and criminal legal proceedings. With the growing popularity of apple’s Mac computers, today’s forensic examiners are seeking more powerful and proven solutions that help them with the live acquisition of data, targeted collection of data, and sound forensic imaging on the whole. The Digital Collector Software from Cellebrite is one of the first solutions that can produce physical decrypted images using the T2 chip. The T2 method’s unique reservation has helped to obtain more crucial data. So are intrigued about how the process happens? Digital Collector at a glance The Digital Collector from Cellebrite is a powerful four-in-one triage solution that has multiple purposes like live data collection, and forensic imaging from Mac devices. You can preview the data before the data is retrieved and the device is imaged. This Cellebrite forensic software for Mac and windows runs on Mac OS X operating system as well as Windows and it can be used to obtain data from a variety of Mac and Windows devices. Perform On-screen content […]

How to benefit from the range of sources and targets in Atola TaskForce

How to benefit from the range of sources and targets in Atola TaskForce Do you often come across cases that involve multiple devices with individual interfaces like HDDs, SSDs, NVMe, USB, and a more or whole array of RAID? In that case, the processing timeline is going to mess up with just one imager without any parallel imaging capacity. But you need not worry anymore because Atola Taskforce packs a huge performance capacity. The imager is backed by server-class hardware. With its unparalleled performance, Atola Taskforce can handle 12 simultaneous imaging sessions on the 18 ports it has. In this post, let us see how you can benefit from the range of sources and targets of Atola. Configurability Atola TaskForce, the smart digital imager combines configurability, flexibility, and scalability. The blend of capabilities makes TaskForce the ideal solution for a different type of image acquisition: drive-to-drive drive-to-network file-to-drive Reassembly and image acquisition of RAID Imaged items to file on the target drive Copy imaging to a file on a target encrypted device You can use Atola’s all 18 ports as per your need and scale your evidence acquisition process. The different ports include 6 SATA, 6 SATA/SAS, 4 USB, IDE, […]

MSAB – The Pioneers of Mobile Forensics

MSAB – The Pioneers of Mobile Forensics The proliferation of mobile technology is the primary reason for trends like cloud computing, large data, and the internet of things become popular. More than 3 billion people use a smartphone and related devices. The mobile device due to its hand uses has become highly persuasive especially in the field of digital forensics. The small hand-held device has become a major source of digital evidence as it stores a huge amount of day-to-day activities and provides glean tons of data. The mobile device can be used to collect various data such as chats, call logs, location data, pictures, etc. The forensic investigator collects invaluable data from the mobile device using a robust mobile forensic tool. MSAB is the pioneer in mobile forensics with its multi-faceted solution to different crack different mobile evidence. Complete mobile forensic solutions MSAB has transformed the field of mobile forensic tools for different difficulties in digital investigation. Their solution extends for a different purpose with an aim to leverage the quality of evidence collected and improve mobile forensics on the whole. Mobile forensic tools from MSAB have significantly cut out the processing time of mobile devices and have raised […]

What is Social and Electronic Media Monitoring?

What is Social and Electronic Media Monitoring? Social media is quickly becoming one of the most popular online platforms with the highest user base in the digital world. Almost every E-commerce platform now makes use of social media platforms to extend its marketing and engage with existing or prospective customers. The social media network offers businesses the power to communicate with customers in real-time. When a business uses social media to engage with customers and know what their customers and also the latest trends, social media monitoring comes into play. In this post let us take a brief look at what is social media monitoring and also how it helps people. What is social media monitoring? In simple terms, social media monitoring is an act of making use of a tool to know what people say across the internet and also monitoring the social media platform not only from the social media sites but on millions of social media sites. Social media monitoring sometimes is also known as Social Listening, Online Analytics, Buzz Analysis, Social Media Measurement, Social Media Management, etc. How does the social media monitoring tool work? Almost all the social media monitoring tools work by crawling and indexing the […]