Case Studies

Case Studies


Digital Forensics

The West Bengal Police finally filed a charge sheet based on the evidence found in a successful investigation conducted by one of CFSL in India with the help of Cellebrite UFED for PC.

The investigation was related to a female who was a victim of sexual harassment through the transmission of indecent messages and obscene pictures.

Earlier the police swung into action but ran into an issue while trying to get the required evidence from the criminal’s phone since the phone’s display was damaged. Lack of physical evidence might have run the entire case in difficulties.

The mobile phone had to later undergo a defined set of processes of data extraction and interpretation of the factual shreds of evidence, to prove the cybercriminal’s action’s in court. At this point, UFED for PC with boot loader (lock bypass) was used to successfully gather the required evidence which led to filing a charge sheet under sections 469, 500 (I) (b), and 509 of the Indian Penal Code.

Pelorus the Cellebrite’s only platinum partner in India with its proven capabilities stood by CFSL India throughout this episode.

White Collar Investigation

A company was suspected of evading taxes, this is when one of the law enforcement agencies which lead tax-related matters reached out to the Pelorus team to further investigate the case.

Earlier a whistleblower had tipped off an officer within the agency. On further investigation, a suspected employee computer was searched. Tableau Disk Duplicator was used for imaging the hard drive and the image was further processed through Access Data FTK. Based on “ShellBag” analysis and “.LNK”  file analysis the team found out that a particular outside storage device was continuously used by the suspected user of the computer.

The team in their report asked the tax officer to go for a deep search for an external device. On searching the office the team found out a couple of pen drives out of which one was encrypted and the suspect denied and refused to acknowledge such encryption as the same pen drive was not working on the officer’s laptop. When the team connected the pen drive to the suspect’s computer and found it opened without showing any encryption. The software was launched and accounting data was easily extracted which led to the accused being proven guilty.

If not for the Pelorus investigator’s knowledge and experience it would have been difficult to locate the outside storage device and a way to launch the software to catch hold of the accused.