Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems


Central & Local announcement control system (CALAC)

CALAC is a Central Announcement and Local Announcement Control System designed for Railways. The CALAC System has two main units: one Located at the Headquarters and the other located at Station. The Headquarter System communicates with the Local Announcement system at various stations through a special control link placed between them. The Station system controls the Local announcement of the station also coordinating with the Headquarter system through the Control link..

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CCE are set of equipment used for traffic management and infrastructure control for the Railways. They enable quick and hassle-free communication between different sections to make traffic management more efficient and safe.
It is as per RDSO specifications – RDSO/SPN/TC/66/2007.

Level crossing gate control (LCGC)

Electronic LC Gate Telephone System is used for point to point & point to multipoint communication between a Station/Cabin and Level Crossing Gates where the number of points that can be connected is 7 (1 station telephone & 6 gate telephones).
It is as per RDSO specifications – RDSO/SPN/TC/51/2011

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