MSAB – The Pioneers of Mobile Forensics

The proliferation of mobile technology is the primary reason for trends like cloud computing, large data, and the internet of things become popular. More than 3 billion people use a smartphone and related devices. The mobile device due to its hand uses has become highly persuasive especially in the field of digital forensics. The small hand-held device has become a major source of digital evidence as it stores a huge amount of day-to-day activities and provides glean tons of data. The mobile device can be used to collect various data such as chats, call logs, location data, pictures, etc. The forensic investigator collects invaluable data from the mobile device using a robust mobile forensic tool. MSAB is the pioneer in mobile forensics with its multi-faceted solution to different crack different mobile evidence.

Complete mobile forensic solutions

MSAB has transformed the field of mobile forensic tools for different difficulties in digital investigation. Their solution extends for a different purpose with an aim to leverage the quality of evidence collected and improve mobile forensics on the whole. Mobile forensic tools from MSAB have significantly cut out the processing time of mobile devices and have raised the quality of forensic processes.

MSAB pioneered in mobile forensics and they look forward to scaling it in the upcoming years. Above all what makes them a renowned name is that they tend to cater to the needs of society. MSAB works to establish a society committed to the right of humans, freedom of expression, and democracy more than business and profit.

Supports different sectors

MSAB offers forensic support via their mobile forensic solution to a wide array of sectors and people.

Law enforcement agencies: With the help of MSAB’s mobile forensic tool, law enforcement agencies can leverage their service to various problems and understand their true potential. With the MSAB XRY, you can transform your strategies and capabilities.

Military: Military organizations can achieve their mission success with efficient data mobile evidence obtained using the mobile forensic tool.

The mobile forensic tools come in handy for border control and also corrections. Forensic examiners, investigators and analysts, managers, and frontline personnel can benefit from this tool in improving the quality of evidence collected from a mobile device.


Up your game of evidence extraction from a mobile device with MSAB’s solid mobile forensic device. The XRY is a blend of powerful performance and intuitive software which helps the extraction of high-quality data without consuming much of the investigator’s time. XRY gains as one of the best forensic tools for its power-packed benefits.

  • It supports more than 29,800 device and app profiles
  • Comprises an image recognition engine that is useful in categorizing images into different categories
  • You can filter the data by location to find evidence within the selected range.
  • Offers support for the latest iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • It automatically recognizes most mobile device models and begins extraction right away.
  • You can prevent malware transmission by securing the Windows-certified drivers.
  • Access to deleted data from iCloud backups
  • Extract video Thumbnail for presentation in XAMN
  • The automated image recognition you can decode images 20 times faster
  • Acquire data from encrypted apps using the XRY photon.

Bottom line

MSAB is ruling the mobile forensics tool with the best mobile forensic tools. You can get the best tool offered by Pelorus partners and scale your mobile forensic process.

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