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Mobile forensics is the practice of investigating mobile devices to find evidence of crime. A great number of cases involve smartphones due to their prevalence around the world. While many cases can be solved with merely a pinch of technology and outstanding detective work, some demand more than others. The cases that stand out the most to us involve large-scale industry manipulation, government surveillance, and foreign espionage. This article will discuss some of the most interesting and perhaps more complicated cases that Mobile Unlocking Solutions has encountered over the years.

Mobile Unlocking Solutions
Mobile Unlocking Solutions

What Are The Most Useful Mobile Forensic Tools?

Despite all of the controversy surrounding some of these cases, we want to make it very clear that in no way do we condone the illegal activity that has been alleged to have taken place. That being said, we still want to talk about the tools that can be useful in analyzing mobile devices and the challenges that law enforcement and cybersecurity professionals face when doing their jobs. The tools and services that we will discuss here are not only limited to mobile forensics, but can be applied to any digital investigation or audit scenario. Some of these tools and services were specifically designed for mobile devices, while others were designed with the desktop in mind, but work just as well on mobile or laptops.

Here are just some of the tools that we find most useful when it comes to mobile forensics:

Forensic Toolkit for Android and iOS:

Cyber Kits are toolkits that contain the main forensic tools that you will need to carry out your digital investigation. They normally include full virus scanners, adware and spyware removers, file shredders, phone and message logs, mobile network and ISP logs, camera logs, and more. Some cyber kits come with a mobile version of the Windows Forensic Toolkit, which provides you with all the necessary tools to analyze iOS devices. As with any toolkit, you will need to purchase or build the necessary hardware to use these tools (e.g., a laptop or desktop with a suitable graphics card and an Internet connection).

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Forensic Imaging Tool


The Android Package Kit (APK) is the zippered archive that contains the files that make up an Android application. APKTool is a freely available tool for extracting useful information from APK files. It is not a decompiler and will only extract the information that it is given the rights to access. This information can then be examined using other available tools.