Email Forensics

Email Forensics


Paraben E3:EMX

Paraben’s EMX has been a force to be reckoned with, and it continues to offer extensive email archiving support at a fraction of the cost of other products. You can examine message headers, contents, and attachments with E3:EMX. E3:EMX not only recovers email from deleted folders, but it also recovers email from deleted items (deleted/deleted). E3:EMX is the industry’s most popular email inspection tool, and it’s simple to use. Examine emails from top to bottom, including attachment sorting and analysis. For analysis, reporting, and exporting/conversion, E3:EMX supports all main email types that are stored on local PCs.

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Paraben NEMX

Paraben’s NEMX has been the industry standard for examining network email archives. Filtering through millions of messages and saving the results in PST files for clients and counsel to review has become a typical task for forensic examiners, eDiscovery experts, and IT security personnel all around the world. It’s simple to search through hundreds of megabytes of email with E3:NEMX. Whether you’re looking into Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, or Novell GroupWise, E3:NEMX has made your job a lot easier.


Forensic Email Collector (FEC) is a desktop application that connects to email servers and forensically preserves mailboxes. It allows digital forensics and eDiscovery practitioners to follow industry best practices without the associated extra effort. Target mailboxes can be preserved with minimal configuration and user interaction, complete with detailed documentation and cryptographic hashes.  FEC outputs acquired emails in multiple formats, ready for use in popular eDiscovery and digital forensics tools. Once you enter the target email address, FEC tries to automatically determine the target server settings for you by performing Mail Exchanger (MX) lookups and by using Exchange Autodiscover.

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Forensic Email Intelligence (FEI) is a deep dive email investigation and intelligence tool. It can be used to analyze individual messages or scan and score numerous messages from various sources. FEI is typically used to investigate email fraud, business email compromise, phishing, malware delivery via email, and CAN-SPAM Act violations. FEI supports EML, MSG, Mbox, OST, and PST files. It can also directly import FEC projects to enable investigating server metadata that FEC captures during forensic preservation.