ICS Security Expert

ICS Security Expert

Position: ICS Security Expert

Job Location: Delhi

Experience Required: 1-5 years


  • Implementation and Analysis of various Industrial protocols – MODBUS/PROFIBUS/Ethernet IP Etc.
  • Working with debugging tools such as olydbg, Immunity debuggers, etc
  • Interacting with Linux
  • Performing Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing with ICS systems
  • Working with TCP/IP protocols
  • Programming in languages C/C++
  • Performing experiments and developing testbed replica of an ICS system

Skills Required

  • Knowledge of ICS Security Standard: ISO 2001/2, NERC NIST, ANSI/ IEC 62442 ISO/IEC 2032
  • Experience with Smart Grid Related Protocols such as OpenADR, IEEE 802.15.4, DNP3, MEP/li>
  • In-depth knowledge of Linux, ICS Penetration Testing, (VAPT), Computer Networks, OSI Model and TCP/IP protocols
  • Programming in C/C++ (WinAPI, PcapPlusPlus will be a plus) and Python (Scapy will be a plus)
  • Hands on knowledge of bash scripting, information security, encryption, hashing, database management, firewall and cryptography
  • Knowledge on tools such as Wireshark, Nmap, Burp Suite, MetaSploit,

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Technologies specialization into Electronics, Electrical, Electronics & Communication
Gender Preference: All Candidates


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