Big Data Intelligence & Fusion Solutions

Big Data Intelligence & Fusion Solutions


Access Data ADLAB

AD Lab is a centralized investigative platform that enables division of labor, collaborative analysis, centralized case management and web-based review, thereby dramatically streamlining the investigative process. It enables computer forensic labs facing an array of challenges to work more effectively by distributing data processing to several forensic specialists. Specialists are able to provide input from their fields of expertise, dramatically increasing case processing and resolution speed..


Big Data Analytics framework encompassing five modules for Predictive Intelligence streamlining data ingestion, extraction, analytics and visualization..

Nuix Investigate

Nuix Investigate quickly extracts, correlates and contextualizes thousands of data types, across people, objects, locations and events, enabling teams of investigators to make faster and more accurate decisions collaboratively – wherever they are. Let Nuix handle the burden of data filtering and sorting, so you can get back to what you do best: solving cases..

Nuix Workstation

Nuix Workstation’s efficient and scalable processing turns more than 1,000 file formats and source types into meaningful information, capturing the content, metadata and context of each item. Our customers use Nuix Workstation for litigation, forensic investigations, information governance, government oversight, mergers and divestitures, compliance, data and email migrations, and regulatory enforcement and response.