We at Pelorus have a fully integrated research and development team. Our core capabilities lie in technology enabling us to engineer specialized/ customized embedded systems in audio electronics, VHF/ UHF equipment, power electronics, and IoT.

Our principal technical capabilities embedded in software development and engineering. Our team of embedded software developers have deep technical skills in various embedded programming languages like embedded C, Keil, Python, etc, and are exemplarily in programming 8-bit to 32-bit microcontrollers.We specialize in writing customized software, programs, routines, and algorithms for various controller brands like NXP, Texas Instruments, Microchip, etc microcontrollers. Our technical capabilities lie in creating circuit diagrams and PCB layouts/ designs using design tools such as Altium. We also have a team to create specialized/ customized mechanical assemblies. We give great importance to QA, our QA team performs rigorous Unit testing and Functional Acceptance Testing on our systems, making our systems extremely robust and intuitive.

We employ a bottom-up approach in designing our systems, right from selection of MIL grade/ Industrial grade components, designing, engineering to developing mechanical assemblies and testing. Pelorus offers fully integrated in-house capabilities to offer specialized/customized embedded systems. We have taken on and successfully executed projects from various industries, ranging from specialized voice communication systems, data loggers, and voice loggers for Railways to OFC testing systems for the telecom industry.. Pelorus is fully equipped technologically to provide specialized/ customized embedded electronics systems to all industries.

Central & Local announcement control system (CALAC)

CALAC is a Central Announcement and Local Announcement Control System designed for Railways. The CALAC System has two main units: one Located at the Headquarters and the other located at Station. The Headquarter System communicates with the Local Announcement system at various stations through a special control link placed between them. The Station system controls the Local announcement of the station also coordinating with the Headquarter system through the Control link..

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CCE are set of equipment used for traffic management and infrastructure control for the Railways. They enable quick and hassle-free communication between different sections to make traffic management more efficient and safe.
It is as per RDSO specifications – RDSO/SPN/TC/66/2007.

Level crossing gate control (LCGC)

Electronic LC Gate Telephone System is used for point to point & point to multipoint communication between a Station/Cabin and Level Crossing Gates where the number of points that can be connected is 7 (1 station telephone & 6 gate telephones).
It is as per RDSO specifications – RDSO/SPN/TC/51/2011

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