Cloud Forensics

Cloud Forensics


XRY Cloud

XRY Cloud recovers data beyond the mobile device itself from connected cloud based storage by using the tokens on mobile devices that enable apps to function without the need for users to re-enter their login details. This is particularly useful when looking for online social media data and app-based information for services such as Facebook, Google, iCloud, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and more. XRY Cloud can be used both with the actual device in your possession and without. XRY Cloud is a separate component within the XRY software. XRY Cloud can be used as a standalone product or as part of a suite of tools within the wider MSAB Ecosystem.

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UFED Cloud

Cellebrite UFED Cloud is a key component in any digital intelligence investigation. With access to more than 50 cloud data sources, the solution can help analyze data that resides in either a cloud backup or a cloud application, which includes a user’s profile, digital activity, and locations. UFED Cloud removes the dependency on service providers by enabling access to data sources using tokens extracted from a mobile device or computer, cutting weeks to minutes. Collecting forensically sound, consent-based data is now possible without the need to seize a physical device by using a user’s credentials. With UFED Cloud, you can extract, preserve, analyse, and report findings on cloud-based content using a single, user-friendly solution.

Magnet Axiom Cloud

A comprehensive solution for lawfully recovering and analyzing cloud-based evidence in a variety of ways from suspects, victims, witnesses, and publicly available cloud sources. AXIOM leverages data recovered from the keychain, keystore, and other data bases to surface authentication tokens and passwords. Examiners can access services such as iCloud, Google, Facebook, and more. AXIOM also supports two-factor authentication for most relevant cloud services. It offers the capability to acquire, analyze, and report on data stored or hosted by cloud services and social media networks. AXIOM can acquire public-facing data from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. AXIOM supports the collection of open-source intelligence (OSINT), which can offer the most up-to-date social media data.

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MD-CLOUD is the most intuitive digital forensic software tool that extracts and analyzes data from cloud data storage. It supports a broad range of cloud services. Supports acquisition from various cloud services-Google, iCloud, Samsung Cloud, Naver Cloud, IMAP/POP3, Evernote, One Drive, Twitter, Baidu, etc. Acquisition of cloud accounts for IoT devices—AI speakers and smart home equipment—is one of a kind, and public or non-public API authentication is also supported.