LASERi-X is the fastest solution and the only 3-in-1 tool combining image and video categorization, victim identification, and investigator wellbeing management. Semantics 21 have crafted LASERi-X to enable to process cases faster than ever; eliminating or slashing backlogs, whilst also ensuring that no victim goes undiscovered and that your mental health is safeguarded.

LASERi-X is the first and only solution offering state-of-the-art and wide-ranging AI, to boost your capacity to process cases faster but reliably, by cutting the amount of manual image or video review. Its leading technology will enable you to automate many tasks, such as: image or video categorization; age recognition; object recognition; prediction of whether an image or video was produced by the suspect; and so much more.

LASERi-X in a wide range of investigations, to review or analyse images or videos. The range includes: Child protection (IIOC, CSE, CP, ICE), Counter-terrorism, Revenge or extreme porn, Copyright theft and fraud, CCTV review and many others.

S21 Global Alliance Database

The S21 Global Alliance Database is the world’s biggest database for combatting child sexual abuse. It already contains over 1 billion hashes, contributed by investigators across the world, and it keeps on growing. It will give you unparalleled ability to access valuable victim identification intelligence, when you connect the database to LASERi-X or S21 Preview. It will help you piece together the jigsaw, finding more victims than ever before, and identifying known CSAM faster.

S21 Wellbeing Monitor

The S21 Wellbeing Monitor is a first-of-its-kind tool, to help you keep an eye on the mental wellbeing of your staff who review child sexual abuse material. It enables wellbeing officers or managers of digital forensics units to monitor the quantity and severity of media reviewed by one or more staff.

It connects seamlessly with the mental wellbeing system which is built into LASERi-X. It gathers and displays statistics on exposure to child sexual abuse material, for an individual or a team. This means the monitor is able to show the statistics of both individual investigators, or collectively as a team the amount and type of media review, summation of video, breakdown of severity, how much was pre-labelled, user labelled or labelled by the database and more.

This helps management or wellbeing officers to spot trends in data quickly. This can highlight concerns over mental strain or challenging media experienced by your team so that you can offer bespoke support to individuals or departments, and to support business cases for more wellbeing support, hardware, software, overtime and personnel.


Semantics 21 built S21 CCTV ( leading tool for CCTV, dashcam and camera footage review) with advanced video analysis and enhancement capabilities, to enable you to intelligently examine CCTV, dashcam and video media. Its state-of-the-art automation capabilities will boost your capability and capacity to review such digital media, at the speed and scale demanded by modern investigations. S21 CCTV offers unique advanced and wide-ranging AI solutions which will enable you to streamline your examination of video footage, by automating many tasks, including: the analysis of motion, audio, faces, age, identity, gender, objects; and OCR.

S21 CCTV can use in a wide range of investigations, to examine CCTV or other video footage for Counter-terrorism & serious organized crimes, Missing persons, Body cam footage, Criminal damage, Theft offences, Road traffic offences, Online video sources and Surveillance footage.

S21 Corrupt Handler

The S21 Corrupt Handler application is the first and unique solution capable of extracting visual data from corrupt image and video files that are often encountered in forensic examinations of digital media. Semantics 21 engineered the S21 Corrupt Handler to empower you with the ability to recover valuable evidence from corrupt images and videos which competitor tools discard from scrutiny, because they fail to handle damaged video data. The S21 Corrupt Handler will enable you to examine corrupt images and videos by harnessing, in a simple specialist tool, the awesome capabilities of LASERi-X. It will extract as many valid frames as possible, and save the output for forensic review.

S21 Enhance

S21 Enhance is the leading digital forensics tool which can produce visual data of much higher quality from poor-quality image or video files.

Semantics 21 produced S21 Enhance to give you the ability to improve visual details in images and frames from video (including CCTV footage). It offers you the potential to uncover investigation cues such as text, faces, number-plates and more, which are hidden in distorted or unclear images or video frames.

S21 Enhance hosts a range of visual improvement tools, including bespoke AI to enable you to maximize your findings from investigations of digital media.

S21 Data Carver

The S21 Data Carver is specially designed to recover image and video media associated with child sexual abuse cases. It enables you to swiftly identify and extract digital media evidence, by performing logical or physical analysis of media from connected suspect drives, or E01, VMDK or other disk images. It supports a huge range of image and video formats. It produces an output XML with all key intelligence, including original paths, dates and times, and more. When used inside of S21 LASERi-X, once the data carve is completed, the results are automatically loaded into S21 LASERi-X including any additional processing (e.g. comparison to the intelligence databases, hashing, AI analysis etc.) selected by the investigator for a streamlined approach to automating CSAM workflows.

S21 Streamline

S21 Streamline is the fastest and only solution for automating case setup and processing. It enables you to create a smooth and continuous workflow which integrates and synchronises the data flowing between tools produced by X-Ways Forensics, Jedson Technologies and Semantics 21. Streamline will empower you with automation capabilities, accessed through a single window interface. You will be able to set up automated workflows which pull together your evidence imaging and processing done with X-Ways, your image and video extraction done with the Jedson Technologies X-Tension, and your case creation and AI processing done with Semantics 21 LASERi-X. Semantics 21 built S21 Streamline with advanced automation capabilities, to boost your investigation capacity by streamlining your examination workflows for digital media. It will enable you to perform at the high speed and scale demanded by modern investigations.