financial fraud analytics


We are a technical services provider of forensics services. Our team has committed itself to provide the most realistic and dynamic solutions across the world

Digital Forensics Solutions

Computer Forensic Services

  • Forensic lmaging
  • Onsite Live Forensic
  • Support Analysis of Windows. Linux. Mac Operating Systems
  • Keyword Search
  • Indexing
  • Email Analysis
  • Link Analysis
  • Activity Analysis
  • Database Analysis
  • Log analysis
  • Case Investigation Reporting
  • Discovery Services
  • Fact base Investigation

Cloud Forensic Services

  • Acquisition of Website.
  • Acquisition of Publically available information on Social Media.

White Collar Investigations

  • Gathering, preserving, certifying, and analyzing evidence to aid in the discovery of facts and the identification of those involved.
  • Legal assistance in both criminal and civil cases.
  • Collaborating with internal and external authorities to prevent reputational damage and unnecessary exposure.
  • Organizing training and awareness campaigns.
  • Organizing a company’s response to an incident.
  • Representing clients in government-initiated internal inquiries, as well as criminal and enforcement issues.
  • Examining and implementing policies for compliance.
  • Assisting Indian corporations in tailoring their anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies to meet Indian and international legal requirements.
  • Putting in place procedures to deal with future problems in-house.
  • Liaising with internal and external authorities to provide end-to-end security and fraud event management.
  • Detection, incident management, and risk reduction are all part of the process.

Mobile Forensic Services

  • Mobile Device Extraction
  • Extraction using ScreenLock/Password Bypass Methods
  • SIM Card Extraction
  • Link analysis
  • Call Log Analysis
  • SMS,Whatsapp,Twitter. lnstagram. & other Web Applications Analysis
  • Database Log analysis
  • Geo-Location Analysis
  • Correlation Analysis
  • Log analysis
  • Case Investigation Reporting
  • Discovery Services
  • Fact base Investigation

Image/Video Forensic Services

  • Image/Video Enhancement
  • CCTV/DVR Recovery & Analysis
  • Forensic Imaging of CCTV/DVR Hard Disks

Financial Fraud Analytics

  • Regulatory and compliance risks due to non-compliance
  • Fraudulent activities, including theft or product substitution
  • Security risks to your team or facility
  • Internal vandal or corruption
  • Rival/shareholder disputes
  • Cyber-attack
  • Royalty and licensing audits

Social Media Analytics

  • Social Media Analytics