Pelorus is one of the most prominent providers of digital forensics training globally with modules developed in collaboration with the industry leaders for law enforcement agencies.

Pelorus is one of the most prominent providers of Digital Forensics Products, Services, and Training globally with solutions developed in collaboration with industry leaders across the world. We provide training in various aspects of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics to ensure enhanced capabilities in combating Cyber Crime. Our Training Modules are dedicated to the development of Law Enforcement’s Digital Forensics capabilities.

Who are these Training Modules for?

  • Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Military & Intelligence
  • Forensics Investigators
  • Private Corporations

Why Pelorus Training Modules?

  • Pelorus Qualified Trainers have real-time working and consulting experience with 40+ law enforcement agencies
  • Opportunity to work on the world’s best Partner products in digital forensics technologies across  Israel, Russia, Europe & India
  • Budgeted pricing as the basic intent of Pelorus is not to gain monetary income out of these modules
  • Technology is in Pelorus’s DNA which means we upgrade ourselves with the latest updates in software and hardware on an ongoing basis and the student always gets industry updated training.

What do Investigators gain out of these Training Modules?

Investigating crime is a prolonged and arduous process that requires a significant investment of time and resources, not to mention the toll it takes on the investigators. Our goal is to improve the efficiency and overall effectiveness of digital investigators by providing real-time training on the best tools that the investigator can implement in real-time circumstances.

The DNA for your Digital Forensics Assurance – Pelorus continuously strives to deliver Quality, Advanced, and Latest Forensic Training.


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