ORBIS is an advanced collection and AI-powered analytics solution for quick investigation insights from all layers of the web. Using AI and big data analytics, ORBIS brings users valuable intelligence quickly and automatically. With ORBIS, investigators and analysts can rapidly build suspect profiles, map criminal and terror networks, generate evidence, and detect threats before they unfold.

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OIMonitor brings the world’s data to you. OIMonitor lets you broaden your scope and monitor on your terms-being alerted to relevant keywords so you can identify threats before they become problems. Clever security teams use OIMonitor to find indicators of unrest and violence before they start. Because riots don’t start in a vacuum; there are always indicators. Easily customize the breadth and scope of your monitoring to ensure you’re getting
alerts for the most relevant information for your case. You pick the source – forums, chat services, social media, DarkNet, TOR, etc.


The best source of intel on a subject is the subject itself. Spotter cloaks your identity while you engage with your target to gather intelligence without alerting them. Socially engineer them to fill in investigative gaps. Spotter works by allowing you to engage incognito with your target via a website redirect that tracks the technical aspects of the interaction. You can use intelligence gathering tactics of your choice to collect case-specific information
while verifying a target’s identity, IP identification, and often their physical location.

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A browser-based OSINT link analysis solution The Horizon Link Analysis platform is purpose built for fast-paced, nimble investigations. Explore your data or access our global OSINT collection infrastructure from the palm of your hand. Horizon’s browser-based link analysis lets you do investigations your way. Easily create graphs to explore your hunches or dive deeply into datasets and pivot through them to uncover hidden connections. View complete details with live data sources like Shadow-Dragon’s SocialNet and MalNet APIs or Shodan.io.

Maltego Enterprise

Law enforcement agents must often gather, analyze, and correlate large volumes of disparate data to obtain actionable intelligence for their investigations. As an intuitive graphical link analysis software with data mining capabilities, Maltego can help law enforcement transform and speed up their crime analysis workflows from hours to minutes. Maltego provides secure, out-of-the-box integrations with over sixty of the most prominent vendors and data sources via the Transform Hub. Maltego provides enterprise-grade cloud and on-premise deployment to comply in a performant way with the needs and privacy guidelines of your organization. By adding Maltego to your toolkit, you can reduce time spent on the discovery and analysis phases of investigations and focus on documentation and prosecution.

Phone Number Lookup

Reverse any phone number into detailed and reliable identity data. Using Phone search lookups to collect intelligence from dozens of open sources in real-time. From a Single Phone Number into Detailed & Reliable Identity Data Financial institutions and governments around the world are using our OSINT reverse phone lookup to improve risk assessment procedures.
• Verify Visual Identities at Scale
• Validate Personal Information at Scale
• Locate Alternative Names/Nicknames
• Automatically Detect Email Addresses
• Automatically Detect Social IDs
• Automatically Detect Personal Photos

Email Lookup

Use our industry-leading Reverse Email Address Lookup, to search for the identity behind email accounts, using dozens of sources across the web as a reference. From a Single Email into Detailed & Reliable Identity Data Financial institutions and governments around the world are using our OSINT reverse email lookup to improve risk assessment procedures.
• Verify Visual Identities
• Locate Alternative Names/Nicknames
• Validate Personal Information
• Uncover Related Companies
• Automatically Detect Social IDs
• Evaluate Social Connections

Name/Username Lookup

Use our OSINT name search, to lookup the identity behind usernames online, using dozens of sources online as a reference point.

From a Single Username into Detailed & Reliable Identity Data. Financial institutions and governments worldwide use our reverse OSINT username lookup to improve risk assessment procedures. With an accurate reverse username search you can achieve the following:

Social Network ID Lookup
Reverse a social network ID into email and/or phone number.

• Verify Visual Identities
• Validate Personal Information at Scale
• Locate Alternatives Names/Nicknames
• Automatically Detect and Collect Social ID Profiles
• Evaluate Social Posts and Personal Preferences
• Evaluate Social Connections

Port Security Center

Generate real-time automatic reports on ships, containers and personnel directly from dozens of sources online. Unified Platform to Detect Threats on Seaports and Marine Vessels that analyzes sea-vessels, containers and personnel with one click

Centralized Maritime & Port Intelligence Platform
Quickly generate actionable insights to gain real-time control over threats that may come from the land or sea.

Monitor Sea Vessels
Get detailed real-time reports on any sea-vessels that arrive at your dock, including its identity, traffic records and history of ownership.

Target Profiling
Monitor activity of port vendors and visitors to identify signs of incitement or illegal activity.

Monitor Containers
Monitor past and current time location, owners, and other
information of the containers arriving to the docks.