OIMonitor lets you broaden your scope and monitor on your terms — being alerted to relevant keywords so you can identify threats before they become problems. OIMonitor is changing investigations for the world’s best law enforcement and security organizations. Clever security teams use OIMonitor to find indicators of unrest and violence before they start.

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MalNet speeds up your investigation, allowing you to start with any artifact and pivot through its network and activity to find the source threat actors or identify related infections. MalNet brings together the industry’s most extensive malware threat information from Proofpoint ET Intelligence with Maltego link analysis capabilities from Shadow Dragon. MalNet enables incident responders, threat analysts and law enforcement to identify and visualize malware connections in just seconds to expedite investigations, response, and malware protection.


Spotter cloaks your identity while you engage with your target to gather intelligence without alerting them. Socially engineer them to fill in investigative gaps. Spotter works by allowing you to engage incognito with your target via a website redirect that tracks the technical aspects of the interaction. You can use intelligence gathering tactics of your choice to collect case-specific information while verifying a target’s identity, IP identification and often their physical location.

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Horizon Link Analysis platform is purpose built for fast-paced, nimble investigations. Explore your data or access our global OSINT collection infrastructure from the palm of your hand, literally. Nothing should stand in the way of your objective, especially your link analysis platform. Horizon’s browser-based link analysis lets you do investigations your way. Easily create graphs to explore your hunches or dive deeply into datasets and pivot through them to uncover hidden connections.


Cognyte’s ORBIS is the market leader web intelligence solution that helps security organizations to access and collect information from all layers of the web, analyze multiple sources at once, shorten time to intelligence and report – in one unified platform.
• Summarize and expand investigations of actors and topics in one click and gain quick and intuitive insights with the Discovery Module
• Save time and stay on track with predetermined investigative methodologies for both novice and xpert users with the Smart Investigation Module
• Ensure entity extraction from every format (e.g., images, videos, speech-to-text, etc.) and translate hundreds of languages with ORBIS’s AI-Powered Content Analysis

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Social Network Harvester (SNH)

The Social Network Harvester (SNH) is an automated, investigative solution for law enforcement agencies, business consultancies, law firms, detective agencies, or others that collect, search and evaluate data from social networks. SNH analyzes and visualizes comprehensive friendship relations, postings, images and videos in an easy to handle user interface. Identify previously unknown groupings and intersections. See important elements of a network at a glance. Save time and resources with fast and automated online data collection. The integrated visualization enables a quick preview. If required, you can export the entire network or individual parts of it for further external processing.