Wireless Communication Networks and Systems- Boon for Your Premises Security

One of the most striking and fastest growing technological areas is wireless communication. It is used to transmit information from one point to another devoid of any connection like wires, cables or physical medium. Generally, in a communication system, data is transmitted from transmitter to receiver that is placed over a limited distance. With the advent of wireless communications networks and systems, information can be transmitted even to thousands of kilometers.

Role of Wireless communication in the provision of Security

Security is a big issue for any premises of that matter. Wireless communication has contributed so much to the provision of security. You never have to feel vulnerable another time after you have set up the wireless communication systems. Here are the reasons to justify that wireless communication is a boon for the security of your premises.

No wires

This is the obvious advantage of wireless security systems. There is no mess of wire to deal with. The traditional wired systems were very easy to be broken by the criminals. There is no need to drill holes on the wall to install the wireless security systems. The installation is also very easy and requires only less time. For instance, a web-based visitor management system can give the details of accurate time and out the time of every visitor. It is even categorizing a visitor based on his/her behavior and also blocks the visitor. It is a much-enhanced security system. It is high time to check out the Access Control Systems, Door Unlocking System, Time Attendance System, Fire alarm systems, etc


The degree of flexibility of the wireless home security camera systems is enormous. As there are no wires you can fit them into any location. You can physically move them to any desired location. There is no need to worry about the outlets as well when thinking to change the place of the cameras. Wireless cameras become very handy when it is used as a security measure.

CCTV cameras are a crime deterrent and mitigate all potential criminal activities. HDCVI, which is the latest in the security industry, has enhanced features like transmission of the video up to 1600 feet, etc. There is IP Based CCTV which has 5 times more resolution than the analog cameras. The powerful analytics software makes way to combine with other applications and get the people counting, motion detection, etc

Secured Footage

Wireless surveillance comes with alarm monitoring services which very much ensure safety. Moreover, all the wireless security systems will also save data directly to the cloud and this helps to keep the recordings completely safe. Besides, all the wireless security systems use highly advanced encryption techniques for digital data. It is hard for even cybercriminals to get access to these footage. They work on independent power sources for extended periods.

Easy accessibility

The receiver can be set up to 700 feet to ten miles of the wireless receivers from the main camera. The total distance will depend upon the type of camera. The signals can even infiltrate up to 8 walls made of solid objects like metal, wood, plastic, and glass. More than being accessible from anywhere, you can also check your feeds from anywhere. It is possible through an advanced access control system of the wireless outdoor security cameras. It is very useful when you have to leave your house or any property and go for a vacation.

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