The Role Of Digital Forensics Solutions In Investigating Criminal Offences

The role of a digital forensics solution in the context of criminal investigations is one that is always getting bigger. This is because you need a lot of skill to get information in such cases and then use it as proof. Such a task indeed seems to be quite tough for cyber forensic investigators, but it also must be remembered that this is one area where they are supposed to be experts. This is the reason why there is such a high demand for skilled investigators in this regard. It was in 2015 that cyber forensic investigation was declared as the leading profession of the world by Forbes Magazine.

Thus, you can jolly well understand how critical cyber solutions are going to be. It is a crucial part of the law enforcement system all around the world. It helps you solve cases and affects how efficient the overall team is.

Applications Of These Solutions

Digital forensics can be used in both private investigations as well as criminal ones. However, it has conventionally been used in the context of criminal law. This is where evidence is collected so that a hypothesis could be opposed or supported in front of the courts.

The cyber forensic solutions are just like other branches of forensics. This is in the sense that they are often included in wider investigations along with other branches of forensics. In some of these cases, the evidence that has been collected is used as a kind of intelligence. Such technology can also be used for purposes that may not necessarily be linked to judicial proceedings. This includes the likes of locating, stopping and identifying other acts of crime. This is the reason why the act of gathering intelligence is not always regarded that highly in the context of forensic science.

Usage In Corporate And Civil Litigation

Investigators also use digital forensics solution in these cases, where it plays a critical role in the process of electronic discovery. This particular process is also referred to as eDiscovery in legal parlance. The forensic processes that are used in these cases are pretty similar to what is done in the context of criminal cases. However, there are different limitations at play over here and the legal requirements are varied in such cases as well. In these cases, too digital forensics can be used outside the courts.

Here the cyber solutions form a part of the internal corporate investigations.

Network Intrusion

One of the commonest examples of such a case would be network intrusion. Here specialized forensic examination is done so that the extent and the nature of the attack can be determined. This is supposed to be an exercise into damage limitation. The investigators also try and find out the attacker in these cases. During the 1980s such attacks were rather common over the telephones. In the modern era though, the criminals use the internet for such work.

The Main Focus

The main area of focus for such technology is to make sure that the investigators can get objective evidence that some criminal activity has been perpetrated.

In legal parlance, this is referred to as “Actus Reus”. The thing with cyber forensic solutions is that it can be used to procure a diverse array of data. This can assist with other areas related to an investigation. This includes the likes of the following:

  • Attribution

  • Evaluation of source

  • Statement and alibis

  • Document authentication

  • Intent


However, it needs to be kept in mind that such technology is not without its limitations. Encryption is the most prominent name that needs to be taken in this regard.

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