Understand The Cellebrite Physical Analyzer’s Newest Features

When you are looking for a smarter way to examine digital evidence, the Cellebrite Physical Analyzer is the best and the suitable choice. It will help your forensic lab uncover the digital evidence and create court-ready exhibits from encrypted data to actionable intelligence. The Analyzer can help you decrypt, decode, validate and analyze the essential digital data quickly and effectively. It enables examining multiple data sources from the broadest range of digital services, mobile applications, warrants returns and the cloud. It comes with lots of exciting features and continues reading to explore more in the list.

  • Renaming extraction

After receiving lots of requests from the users, now the Cellebrite Physical Analyzer offers the option to rename an extraction for the users. To avail this feature, get into the extraction summary and click on the option called rename and type the name you want to rename.

  • Installed applications

The option called the “Insights from installed applications” tab finds the search for apps that you are interested in. You can choose the “table view” that will allow you to view the apps that Cellebrite parses. It is one of the most common features of UFED 4PC software

  • Data models 

The “data models” tab displays “timelines”, which lists everything parsed by the UFED Physical Analyzer. From there, you have the file systems that will usually offer hex keywords searching option and the ability to look through the files dumps and dig directly into any actual extractions.

  • Insights

It is one of the other newest features in the Mobile Forensic Toolsthe Cellebrite Physical Analyzer. It will cover the last segment that deals with the image classification watch list and malware scanning.

  • Cloud analyzer

Cloud analyzer is now built into Cellebrite Physical Analyzer to make one platform that will be easy to leverage, manage and use in day-to-day investigations.

Additional features 

  • It supports file system, physical and advanced logical acquisitions.
  • It decrypt’s the raw disk images and keychain items.
  • It allows the examiner to open an encrypted raw disk image file with a commonly known password.
  • It supports advanced analysis and decoding of extracted application data.
  • It will extract device keys required to decrypt raw disk images and the keychain items.
  • It will reveal device passwords for locked devices.

What can you have from the Cellebrite Physical Analyzer?

  • Unlock the device with ease: Speed up the time to extraction and bypass the technical hurdle to access the data from multiple mobile devices.
  • Extract more data: Perform file-system, logical and physical extraction and use them in the exclusive bootloaders and any other advanced ADB, EDL to get the most out of the devices.
  • Convert encrypted data to actionable intelligence: Reassemble device and application data into readable formats with any advanced decoding capabilities.
  • Unify data for more comprehensive: Consolidate the device data from multiple sources and format.
  • Create and share customized reports: The software will help with the complementary tool to navigate and custom tailored reports to their specific requirements.

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