How To Recover Deleted Data – XRY MSAB

XRY MSAB extracts more data within less time and complete integrity. The investigators rely on the quality and speed of the extractions. The XRY is the most powerful, effective and intuitive software application that runs on the Windows operating system. It allows you to safely extract supreme quality of data in a shorter time while maintaining the integrity of the evidence.

Process of recovery

The mobile phone is the current digital fingerprint and mobile forensics that will play a decisive role in multiple investigations and intelligence operations. The MSAB ecosystem is complete Mobile forensics solutions designed and built to recover the evidence, information, and intelligence from the device sacredly.

Usually, it is possible to extract the data only with the “Physical” extraction process. However, several types of deleted data are collected using the “Logical” extraction process and recover a Smartphone file system. Such data are commonly found in situations whereby the mobile app has marked the data rows in the database as “deleted”, and it will not write over the data as well.

XRY versions

XRY logical: XRY logical is undoubtedly the best known, and it is the most trusted package. The software analyzes and recovers the actual data from the device as the investigator would see, screen by screen. It means that the data can be retrieved from the devices at the OS level. Without any data loss, the information can be retrieved.

XRY Physical: It is the next step of XRY Logical. By circumventing the operating system, all the raw data can be quickly recovered from the device. The data will be then decoded easily. It is advantageous when the SIM card is missing, or the device is locked with any security codes and necessary if essential data are deleted.

XRY Complete: The combination of XRY Logical and XRY physical is termed as the XRY complete. The package enables the investigators to retrieve the analyses of all the data in the mobile device. So, both methods can be easily compared.

XRY Pinpoint: It is an advanced solution consisting of compact hardware and powerful software to recognize handsets with chipsets, commonly of Chinese origin. The application is fully integrated with the XRY, and the same user-friendly user interface can be easily applied. With XRY pinpoint, the data can be extracted and decoded from any special mobile devices with deviating chipsets and connections that do not meet the common standard suppliers.

What can you expect from the XRY?

  • Mobile devices physical examinations
  • Bypass or recovery of passcodes
  • Device dump and binary importing
  • Reconstructed and deleted data
  • Smartphone app support
  • Hash algorithm
  • Easy data extraction windows based software solutions
  • Unique help for file for every device
  • HEX analysis of data
  • Clone SIM cards
  • Download updates
  • License updates

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