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One of the essential and most used methods in cybercrime for law enforcement investigation is cloud forensics. You can conduct a breach investigation with various tools and technologies in this method. The motive behind this method is to give trusted evidence and a logical conclusion to any case.

Unlike the old days, almost all crimes involve using computing devices. Due to the growth and rise of cloud computing, you may find that the device uses cloud computing services. For the forensic experts to obtain trusted evidence for law enforcement, they have to utilize the cloud forensics solution to get reliable evidence. Now let’s look at the role of cloud forensics in breach investigations.

Here Are The Roles 

Flexibility In Extracting Media Data 

There are many hindrances when using traditional forensic tools to extract media data to provide evidence. The challenge comes in because each device may run on different operating systems, hardware environments, or data from other states. On cloud computing, the experts get a universal platform to explore any source linked with the device despite these differences. 

Here despite different computing assets like storage devices, physical services, networks, virtual services, application type of the device, application, software, and many others, the investigator can work with this different platform in the cloud environment. Therefore, as long as the device has data somewhere in the cloud, obtaining the data for evidence will not be challenging.

Analyzing The Data In Real-Time 

One of the other significant roles of cloud forensics is analyzing the extracted data in real-time. With the cloud computing environment, you will utilize an extra tool like theUfed cloud analyzer, which can help you analyze the data once extracted in real-time. Therefore this method is faster and more reliable because you do not have to extract the data and then pass a series of processes to analyze the data offline.

Data Sharing To Various Department 

It is another role of cloud forensics. Once the data is extracted or analyzed, the conclusion will need to be analyzed or shared. With this technology, you will be able to share the result with a different department, other breach investigators, or even to the court directly.

Increase The Chance Of Unveiling Hidden Insight 

Though most breach investigators lack the skill required to investigate cybercrime, with the help of this technology, the experts and non-experts investigators can learn and know how to use these tools to unveil the hidden evidence. With the technology, the data from the computing device can be extracted and analyzed to understand what was transpired for a given crime to happen. Therefore cloud forensics solutions are the best way to provide trusted evidence for cybercrime.


In conclusion, different models or techniques are other models or techniques that are used on the cloud computing platform to provide trusted data for a given cybercrime. With the help of cloud forensics, the experts get a universal platform that they can rely on without much hassle like it would have happened when using traditional forensic methods. Therefore with the proper forensic method on the cloud, the investigator can increase the chance of getting valid or trusted data easily without much cost of money or time.


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