Mac, an abbreviation for Macintosh, refers to Apple Inc. ‘s series of Macintosh computers produced since 1984. Despite an annual increase in the number of attacks, Mac is one of the most widely used systems around the world with a line of devices and series of personal computers, watches, mobile, and so on. According to reports, by 2022, the total number of active Mac users will exceed 1.65 billion. It is a well-known fact that Apple is known for its security measures and privacy policies that it implements to protect its customers. This has made investigating Macs a very complex process (for digital forensic investigators), and solutions dedicated to conducting mac forensics are necessary to address the issue.

The following segment will enable readers to learn about the processes and tools that will help users to supervise forensics analysis or investigation in a Mac-based system.

Types Of Tools Used For Analysis In Mac Forensic Analysis 

 Cellebrite Digital Collector 

Cellebrite Digital Collector is an effective forensic imaging software program. It helps to carry out strategic triage, stay facts acquisition, data collection, live data acquisition, and focused facts series for Windows and Mac computers. Therefore, Cellebrite Digital Collector is one of the best forensic analyses available in the marketplace these days. It works effectively for imaging for Windows and Mac. Digital Collector is a must-have device in each virtual forensic toolbox.

Cellebrite Inspector 

Cellebrite Inspector is a versatile tool that may be used for a wide range of services. Investigators and analysts use it all around the world. It has excellent qualities, such as being quick and accurate in the investigation of computer extractions whether Windows or Mac. Internet history, top sites, media, locations, download ds, USB connection, recent searches, media, messages, recycle bin, and more may all be found quickly and efficiently by investigators. Cellebrite Inspector displays the complete history of any search event. It also displays the natural background to each occurrence. Cellebrite Inspector provides additional support and digs deeper into your investigations, uncovering hidden data and finding evidence to provide a complete view.

Recon ITR 

RECON ITR combines both bootable and live imaging options into one. Anyone who wants to image and collect data from any Intel macOS computer will find this tool useful. RECON forensic solutions are developed on the macOS platform from the ground up to support imaging and triaging on a Mac. There is no need to wait for answers using RECON ITR, unlike other alternatives. RECON ITR combines triage and analysis into a single tool. There is no need to collect data with one tool and then acquire another product to analyse it using RECON ITR. Get the information you require right away. Only the files that matter, including artifacts from iOS, macOS, and Boot Camp, should be collected and imaged. RECON ITR is specifically designed to get the maximum amount of data in the least amount of time.

 Recon LAB 

RECON LAB is a comprehensive forensic suite that works with a wide range of file systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and more. RECON LAB was intended to address a number of issues found in existing forensic tools, as well as to speed up processing and analysis without reducing test quality. RECON LAB was designed, developed and runs on macOS. This was the only obvious option for creating a modern forensic tool that could support the widest range of file systems and artifact while preserving data. MacOS is the most difficult file system and operating system (OS) to support for most forensic tools. RECON LAB is the only full forensic suite for macOS that was created from the bottom up to maximise the platform’s capabilities. Support for new macOS file systems and/or artifact is quick or instantaneous because RECON LAB relies on native macOS libraries.

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