Cloud Forensics

Importance of UFED Cloud Forensics

Cloud computing has not only transformed the IT industry, instead, it has changed the whole digital storage media. Cloud computing has turned out to be one of the prominent technologies providing on-demand services to people. As the cloud has become a cost-effective service, the amount of data stored online has become a huge driving malicious individual or an attacker to target the clouds either from inside or outside. Also, a massive amount of data is stored containing valuable information that can be related to the victim or the criminal. But with advanced technology, the cloud has become tough to penetrate posing a challenge to cloud forensics investigators. This is where the UFED cloud analyzer takes the stage.

UFED Cloud Analyzer 

Lets us take a look at the salient features of UFED Cloud Analyzer. A cloud analyzer helps investigators to investigate tons of data in the cloud. The analyzer allows recovery, preservation, and analysis of social media accounts, stored files, and other content in the cloud. One of the best advantages of a cloud analyzer is to collect data and classify it in the desired manner for investigations. A cloud examiner directs investigators in the right direction and helps them solve the case. Now that you have an idea about cloud analyzers, let us take a look at the benefits of choosing the right cloud analyzer.

Deft and diligent performance

The right cloud analyzer such as the UFED cloud analyzer provides stunning performance even for critical investigation procedures. Robust analyzer offers reliable performance even at varying internet speeds. The analyzer won’t lag throughout the whole process of analysis, extraction, and review of information and export of files.

Ease of use

Acquisition and analysis of clouds usually are associated with a complex and tedious analyzer. However, the right cloud analyzer has a nominal learning curve. Offering complex solutions to the consumer is facile to deliver however delivering simplicity is a tedious job. The ideal cloud analyzer has a well-built interface with carefully structured UI and UX. It has a simple and traditional design offering great grip to new users and experienced analyzers. Each step of the solution is easy to navigate and understand making the extraction process and analysis facile.

A wide array of authentication methods

To get hands-on the data stored in the cloud, the investigator should provide correct authentication credentials. The user credentials can be obtained by two methods. In the first method, the investigator has to provide the correct credentials obtained manually into the analyzer each time. However, there is a second method in which the credentials will be automatically entered in the required slots. An ideal cloud analyzer comes with various authentication methods.

The UFED cloud analyser

The UFED cloud analyzer permits the extraction, preservation, and analysis of cloud data from both public and private sources. The UFED analyzer offered by Pelorus allows you to perform a wide array of tasks including search, filter, sort, and generate reports to quickly identify suspects, victims, locations, and more. The following noteworthy features make the UFED cloud analyzer the best in the market.

  • It can break passwords into hundreds of formats
  • The solution works 20 to 200 time faster with the hardware.
  • It performs distributed attacks with excellent scalability
  • It has relevant password recovery capabilities

Bottom line

The UFED cloud analyzer has on par standards compared to any other cloud analyzer. We at Pelorus offer the most eminent analyzer for you. Contact us to know more about the cloud analyzer and get a demo.

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