Benefits of Choosing a Right DVR Forensic Tools?

The investigation of crimes has taken a serious road with the advent of technology and digital device involvement. Technology has grown to a great extent that a thing that didn’t happen can be manipulated to have happened, by forging. Videos and audio can be forged by cybercriminals and circulated over the internet. Such videos can be analyzed and identified by the finest video forensic tools and help in taking the right action. The right video forensic tool also helps in confirming the authentic nature of video evidence obtained from a digital video surveillance system. It also helps in the recovery of video evidence from digital storage media.

What is the DVR Forensics?

Video forensics is a scientific set of processes comprising examination, comparison, and evaluation of video that is involved in a legal procedure. Forensic video analysis is performed in a forensic lab with the right tools and standard protocols to have a precise and accurate analysis. Video evidence is of various types, some of the following are a few to be noted:

  • Closed Circuit Television Digital Video Recorder
  • Closed Circuit Television Network Video Recorder (CCTV NVR)
  • Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR)
  • Body Camera
  • Tazer Camera
  • Concealed Camera
  • Mobile Phone
  • Police Dash-cam
  • And more

Benefits of a DVR Forensic Tool

One of the most common and accessible pieces of video evidence is the one from a digital video recorder such as CCTV or mobile DVR. So, let us concentrate on digital video recorder forensic tools.

Access to the hard drive

Using the right video forensic tool, you can get access to the hard drive of the digital video recorder. This way, the examiner or the forensic tool can bypass the passwords of any system and can recover data from the system that don’t function.

Find the DVR file system

Using the right video examiner, you can easily identify the owner file system in the surveillance system. This is a quick process and therefore you need to know inside out about the digital video recording system.

Scan videos

When you connect the DVR examiner to the device, it scans the hard drive to see if there are any recoverable clips. You can set filters according to your needs and sort the clips in the desired order.

You can correct the date and time

Is the digital video recorder showing the wrong date and time? You can use a simple offset configuration of the examiner to automatically set the right time and date for you.

Pinpoint the incident

You can watch the video from DVR on the digital video recorder forensic tool without the need for any other players.

DME forensics for digital video recorder

The DME examiner offered by Pelorus is a video forensic software solution employed for the recovery of video data and metadata from a digital video recorder system. It is a game-changing software that is forensically sound. The software saves time and money by directly collecting evidence from the device. It strategically bypasses the passwords to recover the video. The examiner can also be used for the recovery of deleted video from a suspected DVR.

Noteworthy features

  • Identifies file system from DVR
  • Bypasses passwords
  • Previews and locates incident
  • Export and video recovery.

Bottom line

The DME forensics DVR examiner is the game-changing video forensic tool offered by Pelorus. To experience the robust nature of the examiner, give us a call, and get a demo.

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