Cloud Forensics

Challenges in Cloud Forensics

Cloud forensics strives to prevent the threats and attacks in a cloud computing system. Cloud computing combines cloud computing and digital forensics. Cloud forensics involves investigation, examination, and analysis, evidence collection, preservation, and presentation to the court. The process is also accompanied by pre-investigative readiness and supportive readiness to enhance the safety of the procedure.

Challenges faced in the field of cloud forensics

The challenge in cloud forensics is usually related to the control of evidence, especially in the process of collection, preservation, and validation. It is tough to pinpoint the evidence in the cloud environment as the deployment of service models differs. Seizing the physical device with potential pieces of evidence is also restricted. The list of challenges in each phase of the forensic process is as follows:

  • Identification: Obscure physical area, Decentralized information, Information Duplication, Cross-Jurisdiction, Reliance Chain, Encryption and Reliance on CSP
  • Preservation: Chain of Custody, Evidence Isolation, Dispersed Storage, Information Volatility, and Information Integrity
  • Collectioncloud data extraction Challenges include Unavailability, Reliance on CSP, Trust, Time synchronization, Multi-Tenancy, Cross-Jurisdiction, Erased information, and Lack of investigation tools
  • Examination & Analysis: Absence of Log Framework, Evidence time lining, Encrypted information and Coordination

UFED cloud analyzer

Using a robust analyzer such as the UFED cloud analyzer, The investigator can search, filter, and examine data based on the timeline, file thumbnails, contacts, or maps to find invaluable evidence securely.

Bottom line

The UFED cloud analyzer has multi-pronged features, more than any other cloud analyzer. Get the analyzer from India’s top forensic solution provider Pelorus and ensure secure cloud forensics. We are one of the leading forensic security providers in India. Book a demo on our website or call us. We are glad to give you a demo of our products which will give you a clear understanding about our products.

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