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Which is an all-in-one Computer Forensic Platform?

Computer forensics is a branch of forensic science that deals with a collection of evidence from various digital media such as desktops, mobile devices, cloud computing, and IoT devices and analysis, documentation, and preservation of the collected data. Computer forensics was historically a challenge to the investigators due to the lack of powerful technology. But it is not the case anymore as the market is filled with robust forensic technologies which enhance the forensic process and reduce the time consumption required for the processes. If you have the budget, you can opt for a bespoke tool dedicated to different steps of the process but, if you don’t want the headache of various software, you can choose the best all-in-one forensic tool. In this post let us bring the Detego Unified Forensic Platform to the spotlight for its multi-pronged forensic capabilities.

Detego Unified Forensics Platform

The Detego Unified Forensic Platform is perfect to rapidly extract, exploit and examine computers. The all-in-one platform includes all the features required to perform computer forensics. It is the one platform to extract data and analyze the digital data collected. You can use the tool to acquire data from a vast spectrum of digital devices including computers and mobile from one command center.

You can streamline the process investigation process by creating a bespoke workflow and types of crime for the exhibits to be imaged and analyzed automatically. The best part about the Detego Unified Forensic Platform is that it is perfect for both field-based and lab-based forensics. The intuitive interface of the software allows easy operation by non-technical users making it the right choice in the world’s most hostile environment.

The Detego Unified Forensic Platform has computer forensics processes that include three major steps: extraction, exploitation, and examination. The tool comprises the module required to efficiently perform all three steps of the investigation process.

Detego Ballistic imager

The ballistic imager is one of the world’s fastest imagers designed using patented technology. The device forensically copies the hard disk drives within minutes and allows the non-technical users to fully operate with 30-minute training.

  • Perform blisteringly fast acquisition within minutes with the subject machine
  • Split the process of imaging into multiple collectors to enhance speed
  • Forensically sound

Detego field triage

Detego Field Triage is a portable tool specially made for field-based investigators to extract data and analyze the data from PCs, laptops, and servers. Some interesting features include

  • Alerts of suspicious items
  • Configurable search profiles
  • Quick extraction of usernames and passwords
  • An intuitive interface for non-technical users.

Detego Military Deployment Pack

The modern military requires a one-of-the-kind forensic tool for enhanced performance. The military pack is designed to support modern military forensic requirements. The military pack constitutes both hardware and software which is user-friendly and exploits digital information for the military.

Software and hardware of Detego Unified Forensics Platform

The Detego Unified Forensic Platform encompasses a suite of forensic tools that allows the user to acquire, analyze and act on data collected from a wide array of digital devices. The suite of tools includes

  • Detego® Analyse
  • Detego® Field
  • Detego® Ballistic Imager
  • Detego® Media Acquisition
  • Detego® Boot Environment
  • Detego® Covert
  • Detego® Fusion

Detego also includes the patented technology for meticulous computer forensic analysis. The tools make forensic facile and hassle-free.

Bottom line

Get your hands on the demo of Detego Unified Forensic Platform for powerful forensics from Pelorus, the ideal provider of forensic and digital software solutions.

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