The Emergence of White Collar Crime in India

The Emergence of White Collar Crime in India Crime has always existed in society. What has changed is the modus operandi and the face of crime. Today, in the recent few years, we have come across a different type of crime- white-collar crimes. What basically is it? According to the legal definition, it is the crime committed by the higher class or sophisticated section of people in society. These people come from reputable sections and have been committing the crime while being in occupation. Such people are seen to have a better understanding of the latest technology. They have a stronghold in their field of expertise or discipline. White-collar crime comes in different forms and in different segments. Unlike the blue collared ones, white collar investigations are tough ones because of the fact that these are organised and well planned. The person committing the crime leads a respectful life in society, till it is discovered. What Makes White Collar Defense and Investigations Tough? There are multiple reasons behind this. According to the experts and the people investigating such white-collar crimes, it is the nature of the crime that makes it hard to discover. People committing this have a well-structured process [...]

All You Need To Know About White Collar Crime

All You Need To Know About White Collar Crime There is no doubt in the fact that crimes are on a rise in modern times. White-collar crime signifies illegal actions that are non-violent. Initiated for financial gains, these crimes demonstrate the acquisition of funds by the perpetrator for his or her benefits. People indulging in these crimes often violate trust or have intentions of deceit when they wish to obtain money for personal advantage. These crimes are often done for business advantage when businesses compete with each other and strive to win the race. Consequently, businesses opt for white-collar investigations to prevent such crimes from repeating in the enterprises. The understanding of the concept White-collar crimes have exponentially increased over the decades. Facilitated by the internet, these crimes also include fraudulent emails that pave the way for sending a hefty amount of money. In the primitive days, these crimes were usually committed by people of repute and good social status. People used to commit these crimes during their occupation without making their "hands dirty". These crimes were often driven by new financial technologies & products and resulted in offenses by high-profile individuals. While the people of upper-class society were rarely [...]