All You Need To Know About White Collar Crime

There is no doubt in the fact that crimes are on a rise in modern times. White-collar crime signifies illegal actions that are non-violent. Initiated for financial gains, these crimes demonstrate the acquisition of funds by the perpetrator for his or her benefits. People indulging in these crimes often violate trust or have intentions of deceit when they wish to obtain money for personal advantage. These crimes are often done for business advantage when businesses compete with each other and strive to win the race. Consequently, businesses opt for white-collar investigations to prevent such crimes from repeating in the enterprises.

The understanding of the concept

White-collar crimes have exponentially increased over the decades. Facilitated by the internet, these crimes also include fraudulent emails that pave the way for sending a hefty amount of money. In the primitive days, these crimes were usually committed by people of repute and good social status. People used to commit these crimes during their occupation without making their “hands dirty”. These crimes were often driven by new financial technologies & products and resulted in offenses by high-profile individuals. While the people of upper-class society were rarely thought to engage in such activities, the consequences were the opposite.

Types of white-collar crimes

There are a plethora of white-collar crimes, and these offenses differ minutely.

Insider trading

It is done by the trader with the benefit of possessing material or confidential information for his or her financial gains in the market. These crimes offer him or her an advantage over the competitors as he or she has non-public information. One of the examples of insider trading is when an employee knows that his or her company is buying another company and the purchase of stocks of the latter will incur great benefits. Such employers benefit a lot as they get to purchase the stocks before the information is brought to public knowledge.

Identity theft

White-collar defense and investigations are usually performed as identity thefts are getting common these days. Computer system hacking and identity thefts are amongst the most common white-collar crimes these days. Losses due to identity thefts are estimated to be increasing exponentially over the years across the world. Some places are suffering the most from white-collar crimes and the biggest sufferers are their citizens.


Also termed espionage, this white-collar crime involves a spy for obtaining confidential information. Many employees of foreign agencies offer a huge amount of money to the employees of the company, information of which they are interested in obtaining. For example, an employee of company A wishes to obtain a copy of the latest technological advancement made by company B. In such a case, employee B will get a huge amount of money for providing this confidential information to employee A. The white-collar criminal defense often helps save employees involved in espionage.

Money laundering

Money laundering is common with criminals who are dealing with a substantial amount of money every day. This service involves channeling out money from different accounts into businesses where it gets combined with money coming from legitimate businesses. As there is revenue from legit businesses within these accounts, the money from laundering is no longer identifiable. Nobody can easily figure out if it came by committing a crime.

Summing up

It is difficult to carry out a professional investigation to prove the culprit guilty without adequate knowledge and tools. A business may request Pelorus for carrying out digital forensics investigations to prove the culprit guilty.

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