Which tools are used for imaging?

Which tools are used for imaging? The word digital is slowly proliferating every walks of life. The field of forensics and investigation is no exception. Computer forensics is now the new buzzword in the field of investigation. Law enforcement agencies are gradually understanding the importance of technology and hardware in the field of criminal proceedings. In forensics, the key is to ensure that all evidence are maintained in their original form as per the industry standards. To make sure that the original evidence is not tampered, it is best to create a copy or image of it. This is known as forensic imaging. In computer forensics and investigations, imaging is a direct copy of the original physical storage device. It copies every bit and part of the physical device including free spaces. Forensic images not only include the existing visible files, but also the deleted ones. Forensic imaging is one part of computer forensics where computer hardware is used to present the evidence at the court of law. It ensures that the evidence remains tamper-proof. There are different hardware that is used to store a forensic image, but one has to make sure that the process used to create the [...]

Which is an all-in-one Computer Forensic Platform?

Which is an all-in-one Computer Forensic Platform? Computer forensics is a branch of forensic science that deals with a collection of evidence from various digital media such as desktops, mobile devices, cloud computing, and IoT devices and analysis, documentation, and preservation of the collected data. Computer forensics was historically a challenge to the investigators due to the lack of powerful technology. But it is not the case anymore as the market is filled with robust forensic technologies which enhance the forensic process and reduce the time consumption required for the processes. If you have the budget, you can opt for a bespoke tool dedicated to different steps of the process but, if you don’t want the headache of various software, you can choose the best all-in-one forensic tool. In this post let us bring the Detego Unified Forensic Platform to the spotlight for its multi-pronged forensic capabilities. Detego Unified Forensics Platform The Detego Unified Forensic Platform is perfect to rapidly extract, exploit and examine computers. The all-in-one platform includes all the features required to perform computer forensics. It is the one platform to extract data and analyze the digital data collected. You can use the tool to acquire data from […]

The Best Tool for Forensics Imaging of Damaged Media

The Best Tool for Forensics Imaging of Damaged Media Digital devices have become the treasure for crucial information in investigation today. Digital devices have led to the formation of digital forensics with well-regulated procedures. Such is the importance of information stored in digital devices. What if the device is damaged and it can hold some valuable information related to the case? This is something a forensic investigator cannot afford because it might keep the criminals behind the cloak forever. To solve such a problem, the investigator needs a robust device that can recover data from damaged media devices. Atola offers the best tool for damaged media forensics. Atola is an imaging system that makes impossible possible with computer forensics and investigations. What makes Atola the best? The recovery process that Atola has combined might seem simple but the process is highly complex. The steps taken should be well-informed and careful to prevent further damage to the device. With encryptions and cloud storage making data retrieval even tougher, Atola has power-packed features to retrieve data from almost any device. Some noteworthy features of Atola are as follows Has imaging speed of 520 MB/s which is the fastest in the data capture industry […]