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Password recovery is a crucial part for any forensic investigation. With the growth of technology, the amount of encrypted files that are piling up as evidence needs better unlocking solutions. There are various tools that make the recovery of passwords practical. There are many devices like mobiles, macs, desktops, and others which will have potential evidence that can be a crucial part for the case. To aid the movement of the investigation, forensic investigators use efficient tools that can break a password or recover it in seconds.

Finding Encrypted Files

The first step of password recovery is finding and identifying encrypted digital evidence. This comes under sorting and cataloging digital evidence. This process can be automated by the software that is used to recover the password. There are tools that come along with recovery tools that discover the presence of encrypted files while performing the live system analysis. The tool should be supported on all operating systems for a speedy discovery. This tool lowers the time of sorting dramatically and takes recovery to the next stage.

Password Recovery

The hunt for the encrypted content is only the first step of password recovery. After the location of encrypted files, it has to be decrypted through a process called password recovery. This process is assisted by software and specialized hardware.

Specialized software like Elcomsoft Password Recovery is the central point of the password recovery process. The evidence that is encrypted; a file or in some cases encrypted volume is provided as an input to the software like Elcomsoft Password Recovery. You can also input the software with a list of potential passwords. This can be a list of words that is collected from the digital devices or handwritten notes of the suspect. The software then calculates millions of possible combinations and decrypts the file successfully. The process of creating combinations can be time-consuming at times. And do you know this process can be accelerated using specialized hardware?

Hardware Acceleration

In cases where the password recovery is extremely critical, the process can be accelerated by specialized hardware. The Elcomsoft Password Recovery software works with GPU to speed up the rate at which the testing of the password is done. The graphic processing unit can increase the process by a few magnitudes. Elcomsoft password recovery uses revolutionary and patented technology to accelerate password recovery. It uses GPU cores of NVIDIA GeForce boards, AMD GPUs, as well as GPU cores that are built into Intel CPUs. This also includes Intel HD Graphics, UHD Graphics, and Intel Iris.

Features of Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery

Elcomsoft distributed password recovery is an all in all unlock solution for password breaking. With this bundle, you can unlock documents, decrypt files, and break into encrypted containers. The features of this software have aided the forensic investigators in breaking the toughest encryption.

  • Passwords for several hundreds of formats can be broken
  • Works 20 to 250 times rapidly with hardware acceleration
  • The heterogeneous GPU acceleration with various video cards per computer is available
  • Have relevant recovery tools in a single page
  • Comes with remote deployment and console management
  • Over 300 formats are supported including Microsoft Office, Open Office, ZIP, 7zip, RAR/RAR5, PDF, BitLocker, PGP, TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt, FileVault 2

Bottom Line

Get the best password recovery software from the top provider of unlocking services and break any encryption without any hassle. Benefit from the guaranteed recovery time and also top-notch performance.

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