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Outdoor Surveillance Systems for Safeguarding Premises

The success of your business is determined not only by your profits but also by how well you are able to track and protect your assets. In this regard, surveillance and security of your premises are paramount. In this age of sophisticated surveillance equipment, it has become relatively easy to have your own customized ‘digital eye’ watchfully roving over your territory even when you are not around. But how do you choose an ideal surveillance system that suits your business? This is where Pelorus can help. Our state-of-the-art technologies and automated solutions are easily customizable depending on your budget and security needs.

We offer a comprehensive package of both products and services when it comes to security surveillance. Some of our security systems for outdoor use include access control system, door interlocking system, fire alarms, HDCVI, IP-based CCTV and public addressing system. How much you want to invest in terms of security depends on the level of safety required and the degree of sophistication that is just right for you.

The extent of safety and security required is subjective to a lot of factors such as the kind of business you are undertaking, national regulations, and the sensitivity of data involved in your business and the cost for purchase and installation of the various security systems. If your business premises do not have any hazardous work involved, it is most likely that you would only require a basic outdoor surveillance system such as HDCVI, or CCTV cameras to monitor all your entrances and exits. However, if your business includes laboratory settings, it is most likely that you might require some more sophisticated systems in a place apart from the basic outdoor security. Some of the advanced options that we provide at Pelorus include Biometric Fingerprint access control system and door interlocking systems. Some of the unique features of this system include a scratch-proof scanning system, a damage sensor, and a sophisticated control software. Access to the facility can be permitted by three ways: discretionary control based on the owner’s personal judgment, mandatory control where the system decides who gets access and role-based control where access is granted based on the role of the individual in the organization.

Once the level of security needed for business is established, it is now easy to decide on the measure of sophistication required in your security and surveillance systems. The idea is to find a balance between costs and needs. All businesses require basic mandatory protection such as the fire alarm system to protect your premises from the fire. However, when it comes to camera surveillance you have the option of choosing between IP-based and analog camera systems. The IP-based cameras are more advanced and offer many things that the analog cannot. Some of the features that are superior include better resolution, inbuilt video analysis, and notification systems, incorporates network video recorders over digital video recorders and have ‘Power of Ethernet’ (PoE) switches which both power the camera and transmit data from it. Although the installation of the IP-based camera is cheaper compared to the analog camera, the individual cameras are quite expensive. Since the outreach is wider, fewer cameras are required. However, this also depends on the size of your organization. You don’t always have to go for the most sophisticated product in the market if you have no need for it. It is advantageous but not always necessary. On the other hand, deciding against high security when you really need it because of the steep prices is also not advisable. Always look at the long-term benefits.

Pelorus offers both analog and IP based surveillance cameras for outdoor use. All of the surveillance cameras are customizable and can be configured according to your specifications. Some things that you need to consider before finalizing your security camera are: the camera resolution you need, camera frame rates, length and type of cables required, the kind of power supply you will utilize and whether you would need a video recorder or whether you will use PoE ports. At Pelorus, we would be more than happy to individually assess your sites and provide you with enough information to help you make good choices. Our team of experts is constantly at your service for a free consultation. This is so that we can better understand what you need. Once we work out a suitable strategy with you, we take over the entire deployment, installation and maintenance processes. Pelorus is all about fitting the right technology with individual needs. While you take care of your profits, let us watch over you!

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