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Cellebrite’s UFED – A Must For Forensic Investigators!

Mobile phone forensic is a type of electronic data gathering that is carried out for some legal evidence purposes. This is the most useful tool when it comes to investigations aiming to gather some criminal evidence of trail of the digital data. This is not so easy to delete as well. The extraction of the deleted mobile phone files can be used for criminal evidence in the primary work of the mobile forensics investigation.

Different Types of Mobile Forensics 

The types include taped conversations, digital phone pictures, phone number lists and sometimes even mobile phone digital video recordings, etc. When the evidence is gathered from the legal purposes, it will be saved aiming to prevent deletion or damaging all such critical digital materials via the system developed from any of the mobile phone data extraction. These are also applied to some digital data retrieval of deleted communications. These may also aid legal teams or police detectives that might result in legal evidence presentation and production in several important cases.

Cellebrite’s UFED

Cellebrite introduced the mobile forensics product in the year 2007 and it was under the brand name called “Universal Forensic Extraction Device” (UFED). This material can extract both the physical and logical data from any mobile device like mobile phones and some other handheld devices.

What Are The Data Can Be Retrieved 

  • SMS: all types of messages like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, IRC, IM chat, etc can be retrieved. Even when the message is deleted long back, it can be retrieved.
  • Call history: incoming, outgoing and missed calls can be detected
  • Photos: all the sent, received and deleted photos can be retrieved
  • Emails: it is possible to get all the incoming, outgoing, draft mails
  • Social network logs: activity time, GEO login can be found
  • Wi-Fi data: SSID, MAC, IP can be gained
  • Bluetooth: all the paired devices and timestamp can be noted
  • Internet history: history, entered keywords, searches and cookies can be found
  • Thus, it is possible to retrieve all the data in different forms and the people are under surveillance 24/7 with such technologies.

The Process of Mobile Forensics

Regardless of who is involved or using the mobile forensics or how the things are employed, it is the key to collect the digital evidence and engage in forensically sound practice. The procedure used in the electronic information in a manner that ensures it was originally discovered and it is reliable enough to be admitted into evidence.

Cellebrite’s UFED becomes a great tool when it comes to some legal evidence in the investigation. It will also offer end-to-end solutions available on the market in recent days. It might be accessing iOS or Android mobile phones. It is possible to even in some challenging cases. Extraction to the analysis of the digital data becomes clearer and appropriate in several ways with this highly technical tool.

The Bottom Line

Thus, you might have now gone through how Cellebrite’s UFED is the best tool for mobile forensics. Today, technology is both boon and curse. It is possible to share anything and do some impossible things through the internet. At the same time, it is also possible to get into such detections as well. So, understand the possibilities to use the technology beneficially and have benefited over it.

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