How Password Recovery Is Different From Password Cracking?

How Password Recovery Is Different From Password Cracking? There are plenty of ways to break into an account and why waste precious time with password recovery when you can crack your way in? Why as investigators some passwords have to be broken while some have to be recovered? This is because all types of protection are not the same. There are plenty of password protection types with respective use cases. This post lists some of the different password protection types and how password recovery applies in some cases while password recovery applies in others. What is password cracking? Password cracking is a type of password recovery used to recover password from a computer and gain access to the data in the device. Password cracking is of various kinds and given that it need not be a complex technique but a brute-force attack will do the trick. What is password recovery? Password recovery is a technique used to retrieve a password with the aid of different unlocking solutions. The password recovery method is simple as the data in the device is not encrypted in most cases. The password recovery process is usually instant and easy compared to password cracking. Password cracking as […]