Digital Forensics – Helps to Solve a Mystery

Digital Forensics – Helps to Solve a Mystery Cybercrimes never seem to end with the increase in technology. Cybercriminals often go to any lengths to cover their tracks and digital footprints with layers and layers of deception. This has led to the formation of a group of technical specialists to track and uncover the digital footprints of cybercriminals. Digital forensics is a process to find criminals and also evidence related to a crime. Digital forensics is not only reserved for finding the criminals but it is also used to identify a threat in a system and taking measures to prevent the entry of cyber attackers. In this post let us take a look at how digital forensics can be used to solve a mystery. What is digital forensics? Digital forensics is often defined as a set of processes containing preservation, identification, extraction, and documentation of computer evidence that is used by the court. It is a field of science used to find evidence from various digital media such as computers, mobile phones, servers, or networks. The process offers the forensic team the best techniques and tools to identify and solve a crime or mystery related which involves digital media. The […]

All About Anti-Forensics

All About Anti-Forensics After the positive methods and solution of digital forensics to curb cyber-attacks, came the idea of anti-forensics to make it difficult for cyber forensic investigators. The anti-forensic has made the life of an investigator more difficult. A cybercriminals can perform a wide array of nefarious activities ranging from committing criminal activity in an organization to stealing crucial data from the government. The cybercriminals conceal user’s identity and  can steal user data, often can make user’s data encrypted asking for ransom, sometimes deleting user’s browser history, cache memory, and even cookies. The main goal of the cybercriminals is to make it impossible for the cyber forensic tools to uncover their presence. In this post let us see how forensic investigators break into anti-forensic measures and track the digital footprint of the criminal. What is anti-forensics? Anti-forensic is a method used by cybercriminals to challenge the process of evidence collection and forensic analysis. The cyber attackers use various methods to cover their digital footprint which are as follows: Encryption By using the encryption method, the criminals convert their data into an unreadable format using various encryption keys. The primary goal of encryption is to prevent unauthorized access to confidential data. The […]

Damaged Hard Drive Imaging – Atola Taskforce

Damaged Hard Drive Imaging – Atola Taskforce The Atola Taskforce is the cutting edge technology tool for the evidence that works at the high-speed. It will be able to acquire the media whether they are in excellent or damaged condition. It was developed with the forensic requirement in mind. The TaskForce can be operated by both standalone modes or by multiple users for devices connected to the same LAN and have an upper limit for the number of devices allowed to work. Dedicated support for the damages drives For performing Forensic Imaging from the hard drives that come with sustained physical damage and from solid-state drives that becomes a massive problem by nature. The imaging engine of TaskForce will be optimized for the best results. It will ensure that procurement of the most amounts of the data possible through a particular mechanism or methods like the following. Data imaging only from the good heads. Imaging of drives with the scratched surfaces. Drive the diagnostic that will run for a longer time. Automated protection against the cases of short-circuiting and over the current. Imaging of the drives that will quickly freeze. Imaging of the drivers with the firmware issues. All SAS / SATA, SATA, IDE […]

Atola Insight- Significance in Computer Forensic

Atola Insight- Significance in Computer Forensic The curve of technological advancements is rising steeply. With such a fast-paced growth of technology, the volume of data evidence that is accumulated in digital devices is humungous. The forensic experts are facing a lot of hurdles in retrieving data and analyzing it to unveil any invaluable information related to the case. The data acquisition process is not as easy as that of the olden times. There are lots of factors that an investigator should keep in mind such as physical damage, encryption, and deleted files, and so on during the process of retrieval. To perform all this with a high level of precision and efficiency, you need the best tool. This is where the Atola insight takes the stage. What is Atola insight? Atola Insight is an all-in-one forensic tool that offers complicated data recovery functions along with features for manually accessing hard drives at the lowest level. In partnership with law enforcement authorities, Atola forensic is produced by leading data recovery engineers. The Atola Insight Forensic system comprises of the following: Atola Insight Forensic software (runs on any Windows PC or laptop) DiskSense hardware unit Hardware extensions This tool plays a colossal role in […]

How Digital Forensics is Significant to Cyber Security?

How Digital Forensics is Significant to Cyber Security? The term digital forensics is a broad term that encompasses search, detection, recovery, and preservation of evidence found on digital systems like phones or computers for investigation of cases. Digital forensics and cybersecurity go hand in hand because if there is no digital forensics then cybersecurity wouldn’t have been as impactful as it is now. The information provided by digital forensics is the golden key for the cybersecurity team to prevent crimes and proactively make decisions regarding a security threat or breach. Where cybersecurity becomes failed digital forensics acts as a support system with invaluable information collected using various cyber forensic solutions. Establishing the difference between digital forensics and cybersecurity Often people use both the terms unanimously irrespective of difference as the sun and moon. Cybersecurity ensures the security of digital devices while digital forensics comes into play if there is a security breach or the security of the system is under some threat. Digital forensics investigates a device to find some valuable information regarding a case. Today the cybercriminals can be seen anywhere. They hide in the darkest corner of the internet and fraud people, hack, steal, and hide from the world. […]

Atola Insight Forensic – Extract Data From Damaged Hard Drives

Atola Insight Forensic – Extract Data From Damaged Hard Drives Hard drives are one of the most crucial elements in forensic. But just like any other electronic or mechanical device, hard drives can die or get damaged for various reasons. The sudden death of the hard drives physically or by an unwanted rebooting will cost the forensic scientists valuable evidence. This is something that can’t be afforded by the forensic department because it might keep the criminals behind the cloak forever. Therefore recovering data from the damaged hard drive has to be done at any cost. This is where Atola Insight comes to play. Let us take a look at how Atola Insight Forensic turns the impossible into possible with their imaging system. Atola multiple-pass imaging system Atola Insight Forensic is equipped with complex functionality that allows imaging and analysis of even the damaged hard drives by preventing further deterioration of the device. The imaging done by the Atola TaskForce is unmatched and cannot be compromised by any other tool. It enters and handles the bad sectors such as a damaged hard drive most gently and thoroughly at a high speed. This software wrapped in a simple and user-friendly interface is a […]

Unlocking Solutions – Recover The Password

Unlocking Solutions – Recover The Password Password recovery is a crucial part for any forensic investigation. With the growth of technology, the amount of encrypted files that are piling up as evidence needs better unlocking solutions. There are various tools that make the recovery of passwords practical. There are many devices like mobiles, macs, desktops, and others which will have potential evidence that can be a crucial part for the case. To aid the movement of the investigation, forensic investigators use efficient tools that can break a password or recover it in seconds. Finding Encrypted Files The first step of password recovery is finding and identifying encrypted digital evidence. This comes under sorting and cataloging digital evidence. This process can be automated by the software that is used to recover the password. There are tools that come along with recovery tools that discover the presence of encrypted files while performing the live system analysis. The tool should be supported on all operating systems for a speedy discovery. This tool lowers the time of sorting dramatically and takes recovery to the next stage. Password Recovery The hunt for the encrypted content is only the first step of password recovery. After the location […]

Digital Forensics To Root Out Secret Theft

Digital Forensics To Root Out Secret Theft Cybercrime cases are shooting up. Whenever a cyber-crime happens, two basic questions arise. It becomes very important to answer these questions. The first one is, how did the theft take place and another one is how to prevent the same in the future. It is difficult to ascertain the responses to these questions, as it depends on the nature of the accident. As for the first issue, the role of forensics is becoming important. The information obtained from the crime scene is scrutinized to determine the incident’s “who, what, where and why.” Cyber solutions analysts investigate the incident in detail to answer all questions and to use the information obtained to deter such attacks in the future. In its literal sense, the word forensics stands for an existing scientific method of collecting, processing, and presenting evidence obtained from an investigation. The distinction between a crime and cyber-crime is that the evidence is generally found in digital devices when a cyberattack occurs. Digital forensics solutions also require the opportunity to present the results in a manner that is acknowledged in court. Digital forensics aims to preserve evidence in its most original form such that a systematic investigation […]

The Role Of Digital Forensics Solutions In Investigating Criminal Offences

The Role Of Digital Forensics Solutions In Investigating Criminal Offences The role of a digital forensics solution in the context of criminal investigations is one that is always getting bigger. This is because you need a lot of skill to get information in such cases and then use it as proof. Such a task indeed seems to be quite tough for cyber forensic investigators, but it also must be remembered that this is one area where they are supposed to be experts. This is the reason why there is such a high demand for skilled investigators in this regard. It was in 2015 that cyber forensic investigation was declared as the leading profession of the world by Forbes Magazine. Thus, you can jolly well understand how critical cyber solutions are going to be. It is a crucial part of the law enforcement system all around the world. It helps you solve cases and affects how efficient the overall team is. Applications Of These Solutions Digital forensics can be used in both private investigations as well as criminal ones. However, it has conventionally been used in the context of criminal law. This is where evidence is collected so that a hypothesis could be […]

Benefits of Forensic Investigations

Benefits of Forensic Investigations It is an undeniable fact that the crime rate is steadily growing in all the countries due to different reasons. Most of these are huge crimes and these have to be solved as soon as possible. So, here comes the need for computer forensics and investigations. It is the area that deals with all scientific areas. Every country has a strong forensic team and they are too busy with the regular investigation. So, how is this department helpful for the people? Here are some of the benefits that emphasize the need for strengthening the forensic investigation and department in any country. Transfer of unauthentic information can be limited  The forensic investigation deals, particularly with the cybercrime department. Today, with the growth of social media and the involvement of people in social media activities, they just share a post without analyzing how true the post is. This leads to the spread of unauthentic information on the internet. So, people become panic and confused with some unwanted information. Only with the help of the forensic team, it is possible to remove the post or find the one responsible for the spreading of this unauthentic information. Monitor the activities of the […]