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Best Tool For Mobile Forensics On Field MSAB Field

MSAB field is perfectly suitable for mobile units in some demanding conditions. This equipment is usually designed for the examiners in the field like crime scene investigators, military intelligence, and global organizations like United Nation Peacekeepers.

The users of mobile forensics often need self-sufficient, and rugged portable forensic kits that are quick, flexible to use, and can be linked easily to remote computers or headquarters. The field version includes all these features with software and hardware combined to perform rapid and complete analysis for a wide range of mobile devices available at present. Here people enjoy the security of using a mobile forensic solution where all the components effectively work together in a single device while minimizing all the support issues and other problems. And the MSAB Field Version effectively meets the tough specifications of IP65 and MIL-STD – 810G compliance.

The hardware solution of mobile forensics is a completely convertible and rugged Toughbook that features an innovative LCD screen, which can be transformed into a completely portable tablet PC from a high-performance notebook. This device also comes with a hot-swappable battery option to ensure extended performance.

Mobile devices often work as the data repository for important evidence in criminal investigations. And it is important to keep pace with the continuous changes in the field of technology for the forensic labs along with a complete range of mobile platforms that are coupled with a large volume of devices that need to be investigated. Here the use of the MSAB ecosystem can make the job more efficient.

Time plays an important role in forensic labs because of the high volume of cases that have to be investigated. So, if you are in search of products that can offer you easier and faster mobile device data examinations and acquisitions, the MSAB ecosystem is highly recommended.

About the tools for mobile forensics available on the MSAB field:

The professional forensic labs offered by MSAB are available all around the globe with a wide range of digital forensic tools meant for mobile devices. The popular tools of this field are XAMN, XRY, XEC, etc. Each of these tools is reliable, fast, and highly efficient. And they are designed to help the users recover evidence from mobile devices in a forensically safe method. This solution is globally recognized and widely used by law enforcement in criminal courts across the globe. The best thing about the XRY software application is that it operates on Windows and it is sturdy enough to manage the modern demands of all forensic examiners.

Once the XRY suite of tools is used to recover the mobile data, XAMN can assist you in identifying that information faster. Then it also helps you to identify precise information or check the big picture in the huge data set of mobile evidence. Making sense of the recovered data is vital and in some cases, it may not be simple to understand the importance of the recovered data in isolation. So, whether you want to drill down to the binary information or visualize the data from several devices, you should only consider using XAMN, which are the best in class analytical tools available for mobile forensics.


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