5 Things You Should Know About Video Surveillance System

Security is the first and foremost concern in any corner of the world. It may be at home, government offices, schools, and hospitals, and everywhere safety is the first priority. As safety has become the number one priority of everyone video surveillance system usage has become more and more popular across the world. Video surveillance systems avoid any crime from taking place and if a crime happens the same helps in finding the culprit. Forensic science that deals with video are called Forensic video analysis which is the examination, comparison, and evaluation of a video in case of legal problems. In this post let us take a look at some 5 things that you have to know about the video surveillance system.

  • What is a video surveillance system?

A video surveillance system is composed of various digital equipment that is used to record the happening in the surroundings. A video surveillance system is composed of 5 parts which are camera, transmission, control, display, and record registration. The camera records the happenings and transmits it to the control host via a coaxial, network, and fiber cables. The control host will transmit the video to various monitors and recording equipment. Simultaneously when these things happen the voice signals are recorded which are to be transmitted to the recorder. The host can be controlled and instructed to control the up, down, left, and right movements of the gimbal and adjust the zoom of the lens that can be given. If you want the best visual results, a special video processing mode can be used.

  • What is a surveillance system composed of?

A video surveillance system is composed of several types of equipment which are optical transceivers, optical cable terminal boxes, PTZ, PTZ decoders, video matrix, hard disk recorders, surveillance cameras, lenses, and brackets. The system also includes a surveillance front end, management center, surveillance center, PC client, and wireless bridge.

  • Where the video surveillance system is used?

The video surveillance system can be used both in internal and external environments of almost all the public areas including banks, securities business places, enterprises, and institutions, agencies, commercial places, buildings, parking lots, high-end community homes, libraries, hospitals, parks.

  • The remote access control system

The remote access facility of a digital surveillance system allows you to access the recorded video and live feed from wherever you are. Every modern security system comes with this remote access control system to help find any video footage. You can see any video from your computer or mobile. This allows the investigators to easily access footage from nearby areas.

  • Collection of video for analysis

When a crime scene takes place, the investigators will start their investigation by collecting videos from the surrounding video surveillance system. The investigator will acquire all videos that have the suspect. Apart from the surveillance system at the site of the crime, the surveillance cameras in the surrounding will also provide valuable footage of a perpetrator approaching or fleeing a scene. Even if the recording is not clear and not properly visible it has to be collected. Forensic processing may unveil some valuable information which is not visible when it is not processed.

Bottom line

Video surveillance systems help forensic investigators to find invaluable insights about the crime. Get the best video surveillance system for your home and make sure that your surroundings are safe and secure.

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