Biometric Time   Attendance System


Time Attendance system based on Biometric systems installation are becoming popular in most of the organisations because of flexible work culture and mobility expected from the employees. Biometric terminals read a person’s unique fingerprint, iris, hand shape, or face shape to ensure that employees cannot clock in for one another, thereby preventing employee time theft. Large organisations need the same in order to maintain transparency and accountability across huge volumes of data spread across multiple offices that gets processed on daily basis. Automation that comes handy with these systems are inevitable as that reduces a huge amount of labour required on the part of HR Department. 


Pelorus helps all types of organisations adopt and get adapted to the Biometric based Time Attendance systems which helps them organise their work environment more efficiently and effectively by optimizing majority of the HR related processes while maintaining utmost security and transparency. We understand your work environment and culture and suggest the quality systems available with our OEMs that can be a perfect fit for you. We also take care of the required customizations that may be needed as per your specific requirements. Once the system is finalized, our team deploys the solution at your end and provides Training, User Manuals, SOP, etc. to make sure you are comfortable using the solution.


No Proxy Attendance

Installation of Biometric systems are powerful authentication methods in contrast to keys, cards or PINs because they are based on a factor that is unique to an individual and hence reducing faulty proxy practices. 


Payroll Error Reduction

Attendance and Leave management systems are integrated with biometric system to work in sync thus reducing related errors. 


Real-time Monitoring and Controlling facility

The use of high-end technology in these applications and internet connectivity allows real-time monitoring and control functions. 


Cost Reduction

Since it is based on physiological factors such as fingerprints, costs involved in RFID/Chip cards is avoided completely. 


Professional Approach

Automation with sophisticated methods reduces data manipulation thus giving the enterprise a professional outlook.


Detailed Reports & Analysis

The systems are equipped with tools for producing customized detailed reports and evaluating the data generated to take effective actions..



Consultancy for Requirement Analysis

We canvass your environment to understand your requirements and accordingly suggest you the best suited solution.

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