MSAB XRY: One of the Best Mobile Forensics Tool

The world is in the wild hands of mobile devices. Nowadays there is nothing impossible with mobile phones. With the increase of mobile usage, the amount of data stored in mobile is also doubled hence when a crime occurs, mobile becomes an important piece of evidence that can be a gold mine of insightful information. For a forensic investigator, only a powerful mobile forensic tool will come in handy in time of piled up devices. Not only that, a proficient tool leverages the quality of forensic investigation along with the quality of the data collected from the device. One such best friend of any mobile forensic investigator is the MSAB XRY.


Every investigation solely depends on the quality and speed of the extractions. Without solid evidence, every effort taken by the team will go in vain. XRY offers a powerful, intuitive, and efficient mobile data extraction with its multi-pronged capabilities. The tool allows you to extract high-quality data securely in less time. And in most cases, it fully maintains the integrity of the evidence collected.

A powerful feature of XRY at a glance

  • Checkm8 extraction for iOS 14.4

The integrated solution which is based on the new Checkm8 offers support for iOS 12 – 14. Also, the device offers enhanced support for various devices including iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

  • Rapid hash match alerts

With the new rapid hash match alerts, you can boost the time of your investigation. This new functionality identifies the suspect data immediately after the extraction process.

  • Retrieve more location data

XRY also comprises significant improvements in the data recovery related to the location along with timestamps from an embedded file. This can be done in both iOS and Android databases.

  • Take screenshot for android devices

With the brand new screenshot feature, you can quickly take screenshots of the specific information displayed on the android device’s screen.

  • Mention file category and time span

XRY 9.1 allows the investigator to quickly filter extractions to individual file classes within particular time ranges. This allows you to perform mobile device investigations to comply with restricted criteria of search to take account of data privacy principles.

Bypass screen lock

The XRY device comes inbuilt with integrated support for physical extraction which can bypass locked Huawei Kirin devices.

XRY photon comes with telegram support

The XRY photon provides automatic support for the extraction of data from the widely used telegram app. It can also access archived chats, calls, location, pictures etc.

KaiOS support

The XRY can now extract data using the KaiOS operating system and decode basic data such as WhatsApp data. The KaiOS is the widely used OS in cheap smartphones.

New Python API

The latest version of XRY has improved GUI for using python. It also supports the latest Python version, unlike other mobile forensic tools which still depend on an older version of python.

Why XRY is one of the best mobile forensic tools?

  • Supports more than 29,800 device and app profiles including drones
  • Has an image recognition engine that classifies images into different categories such as drugs, weapons and people
  • The tool filters data based on the location within chosen geo-range
  • Provides support for the latest android and iOS devices.

The XRY MSAB has an endless list of reasons to grab the position of the best mobile forensic tool.

Bottom line

Get your latest XRY MSAB from Pelorus and scale your mobile forensic process in all aspects. Before making a decision, experience the benefits of the model through a demo.

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