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Know How a Unified Call Center Solution Can Improve Productivity

Any company worth its while needs to set up efficient and robust mechanisms that allow it to communicate with prospective or existing clients smoothly. While email and social media pages offer avenues to customers to get in touch with a company, yet the telephone still remains one of the most popular modes of customer communication, whether for query resolution or complaint registration. The reason telephone calls are so popular in spite of the availability of many alternatives is that it is reassuring to most customers to hear an actual person at the other end, instead of a faceless email id or social media profile.

This is fine with most companies till the time the number of customers and calls is within manageable levels. With the increase in business volumes, a company gets a large number of customers. This naturally increases the number of incoming calls to the company. This is linked to the number of call center personnel handling those calls. If the call center strength is not increased accordingly, then it gives rise to the possibility of some calls getting dropped or some customers having to be kept on hold for long. The problem gets compounded when the customer-facing call centers have to be set up in multiple locations.

This leads to the need for a unified call center solution. At the center of any customer-facing call center setup is a basic device called a call router. This device is part of an automated call distributor setup which forwards calls to the right customer service agent based on their availability and the time-zone considerations. These routers are integrated using a computer-telephony integration system which ensures that available agents are utilized and customer calls do not go unattended.

There are many dependable providers of telephony and routing solutions like who can help companies set up efficient systems like this. When you use a unified call center solution, you get several advantages.

1. You can integrate the solution with a wide range of hardware, which does away with the need for costly replacement of existing hardware.

2. A single server can be used for handling as many as 500 separate extensions, which allows you to scale up your services with the same infrastructure.

3. The entire landscape of occupied and available customer service agents is visible to you at one place.

4. You get real-time dashboards which allow you to keep track of agent availability and efficiency.

5. You can set up an efficient queue management system to minimize wait time for inbound callers.

6. You can integrate voice/word recognition capabilities to get insights into possible promotional efforts and also get a view of most common recurring issues.

7. By ensuring that no customer call goes unattended, you can maximize the chances of successful resolution of queries and conversion of dissatisfaction into a delightful experience for the customer.

8. A unified solution lets you easily record incoming calls for later use in monitoring call quality and providing training to new agents.

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