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How is Pelorus Technologies helping to prevent malware on mobile phones?

Pelorus Technologies is one of the India’s leading firms in forensic and intelligence solutions and offers its service to government and law enforcement agencies.

The increased usage of mobile phones has invited many cyber-attackers and criminals to install malware on mobile phones to steal personal data and for general surveillance of individuals.

Pelorus provides a state-of-the-art counter surveillance solution along with its partner Zimperium to detect and prevent such malware attacks. zIPS at action

A recent example of malware was the controversy surrounding Pegasus which had allegedly been used by government authorities to spy on journalists, activists, and legal professionals in several countries. Pegasus is a sophisticated malware targeting IOS and Android devices which allows the attacker to monitor and survey the target’s communications including his contact list, SMS, voice calls, VoIP calls and messages from WhatsApp, Signal, Skype etc., without being detected.

In 2016, Zimperium researchers conducted research into Pegasus as it was targeting iOS devices. At the time, the chained attack took advantage of three unpatched zero-day vulnerabilities within the IOS platform to attack and enable the spyware on the targeted device. While Apple did patch the zero-days in IOS 9.3.5, NSO Group has continued the development of Pegasus, implementing new ways to exploit IOS devices.

Pelorus, in partnership with Zimperium offers individual, enterprise and government customers the best protection for mobile users against various types of malware attacks including Pegasus using Zimperium ZIPS and ZecOps.

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