Everything you need to know about fiber optic testing

Optical fiber is the predominant media type for longer distance campus networks, mission –critical data center links and backbone within buildings. Fiber optic cables are the core part of the today’s network. Work is not over with just installing the cable as testing of the same is equally important. For every fiber optic testing, you need to test for continuity, end to end loss and then go for troubleshooting. In order to perform accurate testing procedure, it is important for an individual to go through some important information.
Getting Started:
Have the right tools and equipment
In order to perform fiber optic testing, one must need the right testing equipment such as source and power meter, optical loss test set or test kit, reference test cables, fiber tracer, cleaning materials etc. The market is flooded with fiber optic test equipment manufacturers and one can avail these items from any of them. Look, the manufacturers are available in bulk but it is your duty to choose the best among the rest. Go for the manufacturer that offers the best fiber slicing machine price in India and purchase your required equipment from the same.
Know how to use your test equipment
Getting the equipment is not enough as you should know how to use that equipment so as to get started. See, it is very difficult to get the job done when you have to call the manufacturer or supplier and ask them for help. Try out your equipment in the office before actually taking them to the field as it will save your time.
Know about the network you are testing
It is pretty much important to have cable layouts for ever fiber cable you have to test. You can prepare a spreadsheet of all those cables, print the copy and bring the same in the field.
Tests Involved in Fiber Optic Testing:
Fiber optic testing involves three main tests that are:
• Visual Inspection:
This test is performed for continuity or connector checking and further involves three tests i.e. visual tracing, visual fault location and visual connector inspection.
• Loss testing
Loss testing is basically the difference between the power coupled into the cable at transmitter end and power received at the receiver’s end. This loss can be easily detected by using the power meter.
• Network Testing
This is the third and the last fiber optic test in which network problems are detected and then troubleshooting techniques are applied.

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