Level Crossing 

Gate Control


Electronic LC Gate Telephone System is used for point to point & point to multipoint communication between a Station/Cabin and Level Crossing Gates where the number of points that can be connected is 7 (1 station telephone & 6 gate telephones).

It is as per RDSO specifications – RDSO/SPN/TC/51/2011


  • 2 wire omnibus line – The system works on 2 wire omnibus line tapped at different places for point to point or point to multipoint communication
  • Calling based on DTMF signalling
  • Power Supply – No DC power supply is required at gate telephone unit because line is fed 24v DC POWER supply at station
  • Standby current consumption of Gate Telephone is less than 15 mA
  • Voice Recording & Storage – Automatic voice recording at Station/Cabin for 200 hours using FIFO methodology
  • Distortion of audio signals is less than 3% in station and gate telephones
  • Confidentiality of speech is maintained.


Station Telephone Unit

8 Buttons

  • 6 for each of the LC Gate
  • 1 ‘ALL CALL’ button to give common instruction to all Gates
  • 1 ‘Disconnect’ button to deactivate all gate telephones in the circuit 

Voice Recorder:

  • All voice conversations recorded through a Single Channel Voice Logger.
  • Recording starts the moment cradle is lifted.
  • 200 hours of Voice Storage on a minimum 8 GB solid state memory device using FIFO methodology.
  • Facility to playback recorded voice through the speaker / jack provided in unit after selection of particular .wav file. 


Gate Telephone (Slave Telephones)

  • Works as a Slave telephone to the Station Telephone unit and is located at LC Gates.
  • No Power Supply or Battery is required at Gate Telephone because it takes power from centralized power supply situated at Station.
  • Current consumption is less than 15 mA.
  • Provided with just one push button by pressing which it draws the attention of the Station Master and can communicate. 


Surge Protection & Line Connection Unit

  • Connects the Station Telephone Unit and Gate Telephones to the 2 W Omnibus Line. 


Centralized Power Supply System with Battery

  • Centrally located at Stations/Cabins
  • Battery charger in addition to supplying the load, also charges the battery
  • Power Supply unit has 2 outputs – one of 27.2 V for Line and other is 12 V for Station Telephone.



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