Computer Forensics 

Computer Forensics

Salvationdata DRS


Next generation intelligent all-in-one forensic data recovery tool which can help you acquire and recover data from both good and damaged storage media like HDD simply and easily. Having integrated with main functions as disk diagnostics, disk imaging, file recovery, file carving, firmware recovery, reporting, write protection and hash calculation, more functional features as fragment recovery, RAIDx automatic reallocation, break-point recovery, USB3.0 support have been included in DRS as well. Especially for the workflow of digital forensics, without external write blocker, read-only port has been embedded in DRS to ensure that data has not been tampered. Besides, DRS can generate and output detailed reports so that the investigation process can be clearly documented


Unique design of dual monitors and blue LED light strip, an integration platform for multi ports and electronic hardware devices. High effective data processing capacity and great storage power

Write Blockers

Devices that allow acquisition of information on a drive without creating the possibility of accidentally damaging the drive contents


Atola Technology

Atola Insight Forensic offers complex data retrieval functions along with utilities for manually accessing hard drives at the lowest level, wrapped in a very simple and efficient user interface.


Features of Atola Insight Forensic:·        

  • Disk Diagnostics.
  • Disk Imaging·
  • Selective Head Imaging·
  • Password Removal·
  • Multi-Tasking·
  • Segmented Hashing·
  • File Recovery·
  • Firmware Recovery·
  • Disk Utilities 

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X Ways Forensics

X-Ways Forensics is an advanced work environment for computer forensic examiners  flagship product.. Compared to its competitors, X-Ways Forensics is more efficient to use after a while, by far not as resource-hungry, often runs much faster, finds deleted files and search hits that the competitors will miss, offers many features that the others lack, as a German product is potentially more trustworthy, comes at a fraction of the cost, does not have any ridiculous hardware requirements, does not depend on setting up a complex database, etc.! X-Ways Forensics is fully portable and runs off a USB stick on any given Windows system without installation if you want.

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FTK®, the purpose-built solution that interoperates with mobile device and e-discovery technology


 ADF Triage 


Pocket-sized fully-automated media exploitation tool used by Special Forces, military and intelligence agencies worldwide to rapidly scan, extract and analyze critical intelligence from computers and digital devices.Forward operators can collect intelligence in under 2 minutes with the #1 plug and play DOMEX tool. 

  •  Ability to run in stealth mode
  • Easy-to-use and deploy with minimal training 
  • Portable and lightweight deployment utilizing an unmarked rugged USB key
  • Rapid data collection from computers and digital devices
  • Highly configurable artifact and file collection including web browser cached files, social media, P2P, Cryptocurrency, cloud storage, user login events, anti-forensic traces, saved credentials, files shared via Skype, USB history, user connection log, etc.
  • Supports collection of artifacts from Windows and macOS  

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Detego® Ballistic Imager is the world’s fastest forensic imaging tool and an obvious choice for tactical media exploitation, DOMEX and time critical investigations.Detego® Ballistic Imager forensically copies hard disk drives in minutes (without the need for hard drive removal), either through a USB port if the machine is in a ‘live’ state or in Boot mode. Its intuitive interface allows non-technical users to be fully operational within a 30-minute training overhead to be deployed against operating systems including Windows, Linux, Apple Mac Systems and is forensically sound, with MD5 and SHA1 Validation.  The Detego® Ballistic software can be licensed to any removable USB device or hard drive and is often carried by front line operatives that need to minimise data acquisition times within time critical environments.In addition, Detego® Ballistic can also be used in a covert mode for times when you are acquiring data in the public or someone is looking over your shoulder.



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