Cloud Forensics

UFED Cloud Analyzer enables extraction, preservation and analysis of cloud-based data from public and legally pre-approved private sources, using a forensically sound process. Easily search, filter, sort and generate reports to quickly identify suspects, victims, locations and more.


  • Breaks passwords to several hundred formats·
  • Works 20 to 200 times faster with hardware acceleration using conventional video cards for GPU acceleration+·
  • Distributed attacks with excellent scalability on up to 10,000 computers· 
  • Includes all relevant password recovery tools in a single discounted package

Brain Fingerprinting


A noteworthy advancement from the polygraph, iCognative detects whether certain specific information is known to a suspect with over 99% accuracy.iCognative collects an advanced scientific brain response called the P300 to analyze patterns of semantic memory recognition. Proprietary algorithm processes intelligently detect specific information stored in the brain.Cognative leverages forensic capabilities to unprecedented levels. Keeping in mind the importance of time-sensitivity and quality of information, it is best positioned to support intelligence collection and investigation.Accurately distinguishes who participated in, planned, or perpetrated criminal acts, directly or indirectlySupports investigators and intelligence units to identify which criminal networks suspects belong to, including terrorists in sleeper cellsScreens illegal intruders and threat actors with reliable group-based knowledge to effectively assess risk



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