Video Conferencing Service


Video conferencing service has come of age and is used in every industry. Recent developments in mobile devices and wireless networks have propelled further interest in being able to video information anytime, from anywhere.


Reduced Travel Costs

Travel and associated costs are drastically reduced along with enhanced ability to be present at multiple places at the same time from the very conference room of your office. 


Increased Productivity Among Teams

Unproductive travel time can be avoided of team members by way of shorter and crisper meetings that give access to experts as well as ensures larger participation and lesser delays. 


Improved Management Communication

More interface at all levels and easy accessibility of management team helps faster decision making while keeping flexibility options. 


Enhanced Business Opportunities

Helps you to maintain relationships with existing customers with added trust factor as well as close deals at a faster pace thus giving a competitive advantage to early adopters.


Management meetings

A variety of management meetings can be held over video. These include board meetings, town hall meetings, investor relations meetings, and meetings streamed company-wide. Meetings can also be recorded and made available securely to any personnel who may have missed the live meeting. 



Video conferencing can be used to train sales people, interface with customers and close business more quickly. Subject matter expert can address audience at multiple locations from a single location at the same point of time. 



Marketing departments can use video conferencing to share creative content and evaluate marketing campaigns. Since 90% of communication is nonverbal, the use of video conferencing allows marketing organizations to make decisions more quickly and include more people in the decision-making process. 


Engineering, manufacturing, or production

For years products were designed, manufactured and produced at many sites without the value of video. This resulted in long delays due to the need to fly people between sites for repairs. 



Video conferencing has been a significant benefit to training organizations. No longer must students travel to receive training. Trainers are able to train more students at one time. 


Human Resources

Prior to the deployment of video conferencing, HR departments spent hours interviewing job candidates over the phone before flying them in for final interviews. Video interviews now speed up the process and make it easier for HR departments to select candidates.


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