The Best Tool for Image / Video Enhancement

The Best Tool for Image / Video Enhancement The usage of mobile phones and other technology is always on the rise. With the rise of technology, the habit to take photos and capture videos has never gone any down. This has increased the reliability of forensics on images and video to find invaluable evidence that can move the case ahead. The video and image that are used in forensic investigation need to be clear and without fragmentation. The evidence obtained has to be authentic. To fit all the criteria and find hidden factors in an image, you need the best tool for image and video forensics such as the Amped Five. Loaded with features such as solving night darkness issues and destabilization of blur images, Amped Five is the favorite of forensic imagers. About Amped Five It is all-in-one forensic and video imaging software is known for its reliability and workflow efficiency. It is designed to offer scientific-based forensic image and video enhancement across the world. The software is developed by the contribution of expert Image and video analysts worldwide to make sure it acts as the single platform for all functions. The software has more than 130 filters and […]

How Forensic Video/Image Enhancement Can Help Investigators?

How Forensic Video/Image Enhancement Can Help Investigators? Video/Image analysis is a crucial part of forensic analysis. It is the scientific examination of videos and images that are recovered from a digital device during the investigation. Examination of video/image evidence involves comparison and evaluation of its authenticity. A major part of forensic video analysis and forensic image is video forensic enhancement, which is a process of keeping the events clear and use of non-destructive events to preserve the integrity and pixel quality of the video/image evidence. A video can be enhanced irrespective of its recording time. The success of video enhancement is directly proportional to techniques and tools of enhancement, resolution, and frame rate of the video. The science behind video forensic enhancement The forensic enhancement process is not something as simple as zooming the video recovered from a video surveillance system. Zooming in on a video messes the quality of the pixels. Pixels are small boxes of color that together form the entire picture. When a picture is expanded, each pixel gets expanded thus degrading the quality of the frame. Effective enhancement is possible with the right tool and technique. How does it help investigators? The video enhancement process allows the investigators to […]

Benefits of Choosing a Right DVR Forensic Tools?

Benefits of Choosing a Right DVR Forensic Tools? The investigation of crimes has taken a serious road with the advent of technology and digital device involvement. Technology has grown to a great extent that a thing that didn’t happen can be manipulated to have happened, by forging. Videos and audio can be forged by cybercriminals and circulated over the internet. Such videos can be analyzed and identified by the finest video forensic tools and help in taking the right action. The right video forensic tool also helps in confirming the authentic nature of video evidence obtained from a digital video surveillance system. It also helps in the recovery of video evidence from digital storage media. What is the DVR Forensics? Video forensics is a scientific set of processes comprising examination, comparison, and evaluation of video that is involved in a legal procedure. Forensic video analysis is performed in a forensic lab with the right tools and standard protocols to have a precise and accurate analysis. Video evidence is of various types, some of the following are a few to be noted: Closed Circuit Television Digital Video Recorder Closed Circuit Television Network Video Recorder (CCTV NVR) Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) Body Camera Tazer […]

5 Things You Should Know About Video Surveillance System

5 Things You Should Know About Video Surveillance System Security is the first and foremost concern in any corner of the world. It may be at home, government offices, schools, and hospitals, and everywhere safety is the first priority. As safety has become the number one priority of everyone video surveillance system usage has become more and more popular across the world. Video surveillance systems avoid any crime from taking place and if a crime happens the same helps in finding the culprit. Forensic science that deals with video are called Forensic video analysis which is the examination, comparison, and evaluation of a video in case of legal problems. In this post let us take a look at some 5 things that you have to know about the video surveillance system. What is a video surveillance system? A video surveillance system is composed of various digital equipment that is used to record the happening in the surroundings. A video surveillance system is composed of 5 parts which are camera, transmission, control, display, and record registration. The camera records the happenings and transmits it to the control host via a coaxial, network, and fiber cables. The control host will transmit the video to various […]