OTDR: The Ultimate Troubleshooter for Fiber Optic

OTDR: The Ultimate Troubleshooter for Fiber Optic The copper wires used in the transmission of long-distance communication signals are replaced by the highly efficient fiber optic cables. As change is the only thing that doesn’t change, fiber optic cables have changed the use of copper wire in communication and network transmission. Fiber optics is the science of transmission of data, images, and voices as light signals through thin transparent fibers like glass or plastic. The fiber optics enables the transmission of larger data than that was transferred using copper cables. It also proves efficient to transfer larger data over a long distance much faster-compared to copper wires as the fiber optic cables have high bandwidth. Given the benefits of fiber optics, it has become a part of almost every workplace or home. After the installation of fiber optic cable, it has to be characterized, which needs an efficient fiber optic tools and test equipment. Optical time domain reflectometer The OTDR comes into play here. It is used to analyze and find a solution to any shortcoming in the fiber optic cable. The OTDR or the Optical time domain reflectometer is an instrument used for testing purposes that are used in the […]