The Role of Optical Fiber Splicing Machine

The Role of Optical Fiber Splicing Machine Fiber optics was a turning point in the field of telecommunication. It marked the era of new heights in the field of communication. With fiber optic cables being a ground-breaking innovation, the fusion splicing machine became the next improvement which improved networking and industrial communication to a great extent. The fusion splicing machines improves the performance and the efficiency of the optical fibers. In this post let us take a look at how a fusion splicing machine dictates the performance and the characteristics of fiber optic cable. What is a fusion splicing machine? The process of fusion splicing is aimed to fuse two ends of a cable and form a secure connection between two or more fibers sections and ensure that loss is minimal while the optical signal passes. In fusion splicing, two sections of fibers are melted together which can’t be replaced. The fusion splicing process is done with a machine called the fusion splicer. The machine precisely aligns, both ends of the fiber cable and fuses it by the production of an electric arc. Now let us see what role a splicing machine plays in improving the efficiency of fiber optics. It extends […]

Comway Fusion Splicing Machine – The Complete Guide

Comway Fusion Splicing Machine – The Complete Guide Fiber optic cables are taking the network communication field at high speed. With such popularity, it is essential to have a basic knowledge of fiber optic splicing among companies and service providers. In layman terms, fiber optic splicing means joining of two fiber optic cables. Fiber splicing is done to reduce light loss and back reflection in a long-running cable. Splicing is also done to repair cables that get severed. The two methods of fiber optic cable splicing are fusion splicing and mechanical splicing. Fusion Splicing Mechanical splicing is simply holding the ends of the fiber optic aligned properly for the light to pass. Fusion is the more advanced and efficient method of splicing. In this method, a fiber splicing machine is used to fuse two cables. The machine aligns the end of the cables, which are fused or welded together by heat or electric arc. The fusion splicing method is more preferred than the mechanical method. The loss of light transmissions is low to none in the fusion splicing method. There are known companies who manufacture splicing machines that are highly efficient and popular. COMWAY fusion splicing machine is a highly […]

Role of Optical Fiber Splicing Machine for Maximum and Enhanced Performance

Role of Optical Fiber Splicing Machine for Maximum and Enhanced Performance The emergence and development of fiber optics have marked the era of advanced telecommunications. Recent breakthroughs in optical fiber technology, including optical fiber splicing machines, led to significant improvements in wide area networking and industrial data communications. Optical fiber splicing machines play a very important role in obtaining maximum performance of optical fibers, regardless of their specific area of application. Let’s see how a high-quality machine dictates fiber characteristics and performance. 1. Extending the distance limitations of other systems The greatest advantage of fiber optics is actually overcoming the shortcomings of systems such as Ethernet, RS-232, or 422/485. Optical fibers are better when it comes to long distances, as well as speed. Therefore, optical fiber splicing machines are responsible for connecting the fibers without flaws in order to ensure high data transits. 2. Versatility and precision A good machine will allow working not only on standard but also on extremely small plastic fiber diameters. This feature – versatility, is important as much as precision is. Precision is crucial when handling such a small dimension, as it ensures producing a fiber with punctual light refraction and reflection ability. This is […]

How a visitor management system helps to increase workplace security

How a visitor management system helps to increase workplace security A controlled key distribution cannot meet the required security standards on the level required by modern workplace security conditions. The visitor management system combining the most advanced electronic protection, video surveillance, biometric recognition, and database control is the state-of-the-art solution for increased workplace security. Visitor management and access control system is the kind of technical protection with the greatest tendency of continuous growth in the world. The reason is an increase in the number of unwanted and potentially dangerous events at workplaces around the world. Furthermore, the development of private companies that want to control access to their premises in order to maintain their values, protect their information and limit the access of visitors. The increased interest of users is also affected by the reduction of prices of these systems and new technologies for identification, protection, and communication. Why traditional security measures and methods are outdated? Today, even high-quality, Anti-theft, security keys can be copied and you cannot be sure who can enter your workplace. Key holders can also use it at any time and cannot track the logs when someone uses the keys. This is very important in case of unwanted […]