Network Forensics: Concepts and Challenges

Network Forensics: Concepts and Challenges Network forensic is a branch of digital forensic analysis that involves monitoring, capturing, recording and analysing data over a network. Network forensics involves scientifically proven and tested methods to collect and analyse network packages and events that take place over a network. Forensic network analysis is extensive network security that traditionally focuses on network attack analysis and detection. The current model of network forensics allows detection of malicious activity and it also helps the organisations to track attacks related to the organisations from both internal and external environments. This post highlights the concepts and challenges of network forensics. Understanding the current challenges helps the investigators to make a well-informed decision in case of difficulty. Network forensic concepts In terms of forensics, network forensic deals with data associated with a network connection between nodes that are interconnected. The main focus is the data entering and exiting the nodes. The forensic network analyser performs a thorough analysis of the data from the data traffic that has been generated by respective firewalls or IDS or on devices such as routers. The primary goal is to find the source of the attack to identify the cybercriminals. The network security forensics is precisely defined as the […]