Mobile forensics

How Mobile Forensics Experts Extract Data From Phones

The term “mobile devices” refers to a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets, as well as smartwatches, cameras, GPS systems, and drones. When it comes to mobile forensics investigations, the device is the most vital item here. With approximately 340 million mobile phone users in India today, it’s becoming increasingly rare for a modern investigation to exclude mobile forensics. When we talk about Mobile Forensics, we are basically talking about the process of obtaining and analyzing digital evidence saved on both the mobile device’s internal memory and connected accounts across the internet in a systematic and organized way. Mobile device use is as common as it is useful nowadays, especially in the context of digital forensics, because these small gadgets gather large amounts of data, which can be extracted to aid the investigation. As a result, today’s mobile forensics experts must not only be trained in best practices in mobile forensics and investigative procedures, but they must also stay up to date on the latest advancements in cutting-edge technology. Mobile devices store a variety of different types of data, including: SMS & MMS Emails Call history and voicemails Photographs and videos Internet history and bookmarks WiFi history Social […]

Spf system

What Is The Spf System?

Everyone in the world has a phone, and every phone has a variety of programs that help the owner to do simple things, so the phone has a lot of personal information, including ID, contacts, money, and others.  The phone can perform several things such as; communication, creating internet posts, making favourite pictures, internet marketing, and such things. With this information, we can create a personal profile. On the other hand, the mobile phone is becoming the most common tool for controlling, directing, executing, and recording crimes today.  Smartphone Forensic System within Law Enforcement Agencies requires certification to access mobile phones for Crime Investigations. SPF (SmartPhone Forensic System Professional) system supports Symbian, Blackberry, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, 99% of Chinese-made smartphones, etc. We can easily perform forensic analysis with data extraction and recording of investigated phones. In addition, working with mobile phone forensic tools can encourage researchers on both results and observations. Description of SPF Pro system SPF Pro system is a comprehensive way to extract, retrieve, analyze data from mobile devices such as Android phones, tablets, iPhones, and iPad. It is the next generation of smartphone forensic systems and is a powerful and integrated platform for forensic research. It allows researchers to search and […]

Why should corporations invest in Digital Forensics?

Why should corporations invest in Digital Forensics? The modern era has witnessed a paradigm shift in the way businesses operate. The inception of digitalization paved the way for digital solutions to take over and streamline business operations in the long term. The digital realm has immense value in modern times and the reasons behind this fact are umpteen. With that, some businesses continue to operate with their traditional methods and don't have an idea about the extent of digital forensics. There are numerous reasons why it's the need of the hour for agencies to invest in digital forensics solutions. Without much ado, let's elaborate on these reasons and help you make sound decisions. A basic idea Digital forensics, further divided into mobile forensics, network forensics, cloud forensics, damage drive forensics, computer forensics, is nothing but the practice of collection, analysis & report preparation on the information present on the networks & computers which is legally admissible. This piece of information can be used as documentary proof in private or commercial setups or as evidence in varying kinds of investigations. One can make the best use of digital forensics for law enforcement too and when it comes to cyber-security. Nonetheless, digital [...]

Best Tool For Mobile Forensics On Field MSAB Field

Best Tool For Mobile Forensics On Field MSAB Field MSAB field is perfectly suitable for mobile units in some demanding conditions. This equipment is usually designed for the examiners in the field like crime scene investigators, military intelligence, and global organizations like United Nation Peacekeepers. The users of mobile forensics often need self-sufficient, and rugged portable forensic kits that are quick, flexible to use, and can be linked easily to remote computers or headquarters. The field version includes all these features with software and hardware combined to perform rapid and complete analysis for a wide range of mobile devices available at present. Here people enjoy the security of using a mobile forensic solution where all the components effectively work together in a single device while minimizing all the support issues and other problems. And the MSAB Field Version effectively meets the tough specifications of IP65 and MIL-STD – 810G compliance. The hardware solution of mobile forensics is a completely convertible and rugged Toughbook that features an innovative LCD screen, which can be transformed into a completely portable tablet PC from a high-performance notebook. This device also comes with a hot-swappable battery option to ensure extended performance. Mobile devices often work […]

How is Pelorus Technologies helping to prevent malware on mobile phones?

How is Pelorus Technologies helping to prevent malware on mobile phones? Pelorus Technologies is one of the India’s leading firms in forensic and intelligence solutions and offers its service to government and law enforcement agencies. The increased usage of mobile phones has invited many cyber-attackers and criminals to install malware on mobile phones to steal personal data and for general surveillance of individuals. Pelorus provides a state-of-the-art counter surveillance solution along with its partner Zimperium to detect and prevent such malware attacks. zIPS at action A recent example of malware was the controversy surrounding Pegasus which had allegedly been used by government authorities to spy on journalists, activists, and legal professionals in several countries. Pegasus is a sophisticated malware targeting IOS and Android devices which allows the attacker to monitor and survey the target’s communications including his contact list, SMS, voice calls, VoIP calls and messages from WhatsApp, Signal, Skype etc., without being detected. In 2016, Zimperium researchers conducted research into Pegasus as it was targeting iOS devices. At the time, the chained attack took advantage of three unpatched zero-day vulnerabilities within the IOS platform to attack and enable the spyware on the targeted device. While Apple did patch the […]

MSAB XRY: One of the Best Mobile Forensics Tool

MSAB XRY: One of the Best Mobile Forensics Tool The world is in the wild hands of mobile devices. Nowadays there is nothing impossible with mobile phones. With the increase of mobile usage, the amount of data stored in mobile is also doubled hence when a crime occurs, mobile becomes an important piece of evidence that can be a gold mine of insightful information. For a forensic investigator, only a powerful mobile forensic tool will come in handy in time of piled up devices. Not only that, a proficient tool leverages the quality of forensic investigation along with the quality of the data collected from the device. One such best friend of any mobile forensic investigator is the MSAB XRY. XRY MSAB Every investigation solely depends on the quality and speed of the extractions. Without solid evidence, every effort taken by the team will go in vain. XRY offers a powerful, intuitive, and efficient mobile data extraction with its multi-pronged capabilities. The tool allows you to extract high-quality data securely in less time. And in most cases, it fully maintains the integrity of the evidence collected. A powerful feature of XRY at a glance Checkm8 extraction for iOS 14.4 The integrated solution […]

The Best Tool for Mobile Device Forensics

The Best Tool for Mobile Device Forensics The advancement of mobile phones has made the world work more efficiently and at a faster pace. On the other hand, mobile technologies have made investigation processes and data recovery a nerve-wracking job. In case of a crime, mobile phones play a crucial role in data acquisition as they might house a lot of invaluable information. The encryption methods, cloud storage and more protect the criminals from seeing the law. This is where a mobile device forensic tool comes into play. UFED 4pc is one of the best mobile forensics tools that help investigators efficiently recover data from mobiles. The UFED 4PC The UFED 4PC from Cellebrite is one of the best mobile phone forensic tools as it is cost-effective, flexible, and convenient. The tool can be used both on a PC and laptop. The trusted tool from Cellebrite allows the investigator to perform extraction, decoding, analysis, and reporting on one platform. The tool can be used for the physical, logical, file system, and password extraction of data. The tool performs its action on a variety of devices including legacy and feature phones, smartphones, portable GPS devices, tablets, and phones with Chinese chipsets. Using the […]

How To Recover Deleted Data – XRY MSAB

How To Recover Deleted Data – XRY MSAB XRY MSAB extracts more data within less time and complete integrity. The investigators rely on the quality and speed of the extractions. The XRY is the most powerful, effective and intuitive software application that runs on the Windows operating system. It allows you to safely extract supreme quality of data in a shorter time while maintaining the integrity of the evidence. Process of recovery The mobile phone is the current digital fingerprint and mobile forensics that will play a decisive role in multiple investigations and intelligence operations. The MSAB ecosystem is complete Mobile forensics solutions designed and built to recover the evidence, information, and intelligence from the device sacredly. Usually, it is possible to extract the data only with the “Physical” extraction process. However, several types of deleted data are collected using the “Logical” extraction process and recover a Smartphone file system. Such data are commonly found in situations whereby the mobile app has marked the data rows in the database as “deleted”, and it will not write over the data as well. XRY versions XRY logical: XRY logical is undoubtedly the best known, and it is the most trusted package. The software analyzes and recovers the [...]

Understand The Cellebrite Physical Analyzer’s Newest Features

Understand The Cellebrite Physical Analyzer’s Newest Features When you are looking for a smarter way to examine digital evidence, the Cellebrite Physical Analyzer is the best and the suitable choice. It will help your forensic lab uncover the digital evidence and create court-ready exhibits from encrypted data to actionable intelligence. The Analyzer can help you decrypt, decode, validate and analyze the essential digital data quickly and effectively. It enables examining multiple data sources from the broadest range of digital services, mobile applications, warrants returns and the cloud. It comes with lots of exciting features and continues reading to explore more in the list. Renaming extraction After receiving lots of requests from the users, now the Cellebrite Physical Analyzer offers the option to rename an extraction for the users. To avail this feature, get into the extraction summary and click on the option called rename and type the name you want to rename. Installed applications The option called the “Insights from installed applications” tab finds the search for apps that you are interested in. You can choose the “table view” that will allow you to view the apps that Cellebrite parses. It is one of the most common features of UFED 4PC […]

Common Tools and Techniques of Mobile Phone Forensics

Common Tools and Techniques of Mobile Phone Forensics Digital Forensics is the collection, analysis, and detection of data from a digital device. Mobile forensics is the umbrella term that refers to investigative techniques used to extract evidence from mobile phones, tablets, PDAs, and other mobile devices. The acquisition is a process of gathering information from various mobile devices and the associated media. The amounts of invaluable data that can be obtained from various mobile devices are humongous. The digital forensic experts should use thoughtful methods to analyze and recover data from mobiles. Robust tools and techniques of mobile forensics will give them the upper hand in handling the case at hand smoothly. The tools of the trade The software tools are continually evolving as the technology of devices is becoming more and more advanced. New techniques are developed continually for the extraction of data from various cellular devices. The most common techniques that are used for the extraction of data in forensics are as follows: Physical acquisition: This process entails copying the data structure of the original device. This includes files, system data, and even evidence that are hidden or deleted. This is a time-consuming process but it is favored generally because […]