Top 3 Features of Cellebrite Inspector

Top 3 Features of Cellebrite Inspector Mac devices usually pose a challenge to forensic investigators at the time of the investigation. The Mac devices make analysis and evidence collection tough for the investigators. The investigators also don’t have much time to spend on a single device with the number of digital devices lined up for investigation. This is where the robust technology of Cellebrite comes to the rescue of a forensic investigator. Cellebrite inspector is a premier data analysis tool designed by field experts to make Mac forensics and windows forensics simple and facile. Let us take a brief look at the Inspector and its top 3 interesting features in this post. Cellebrite Inspector  The Cellebrite inspector is a premier computer data analysis solution made for Windows and Mac. The Inspector is a hub of all functions you require to conduct in-depth and make a custom report to reveal any invaluable insight into the device. The Inspector holds the most advanced searching and filtering capabilities including built-in AI media categorization and much more. The investigator can easily segregate Internet History, Downloads, Locations, Recent searches, and more. Other capabilities of the investigator are as follows Custom support for BitLocker Support for Veracrypt full […]