Forensic Forensics

Forensic Hardware Tools:

UFED Touch 2

This latest generation portable digital forensics platform brings comprehensive extraction capabilities anywhere they’re needed, whether in the lab, a remote location or in the field. Move

faster, reduce backlogs, free up valuable hardware and produce defendable evidence with the Touch2. 

Powerful and compact, the Touch2 is available with UFED Ultimate and comes with a forensic accessory kit. Extract data quickly and securely in a closed environment that is separate from other applications, eliminating any risk of cross-contaminating digital evidence. View call logs, images, videos and other key logical data directly from the Touch2 at the point of extraction for quick access to key evidence. With fast computing power and enhanced battery life, the Touch2 is a virtually maintenance-free, forensically sound extraction experience.

Atola Insight Forensic offers complex data retrieval functions along with utilities for manually accessing hard drives at the lowest level, wrapped in a very simple and efficient user interface.


Features of Atola Insight Forensic:·        

  • Disk Diagnostics·        
  • Disk Imaging·        
  • Selective Head Imaging·        
  • Password Removal·        
  • Multi-Tasking·        
  • Segmented Hashing·        
  • File Recovery·        
  • Firmware Recovery·        
  • Disk Utilities 

Data Copy King 2 (DCK 2) is the second generation of Salvation Data’s well received forensic

data eraser and disk duplicator. 

Equipped with multi-function write-blockers, and embedded high capacity storage drive, DCK 2 is a fully portable device designed for both filed and laboratory applications. 

With embedded read-only SATA/USB and multi-function card reader

interfaces, DCK 2 provides one-stop solution to most common storage devices. DoD standard data erasure ensures zero possibility to recover any

digital data wiped by DCK 2. DCK 2, a must-have tool in your digital forensic laboratory or

information security department. 


Key Features: 

  • DATA ERASER·        
  • DISK CLONE·        



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